Close As Strangers {Calum Hood}

Six weeks since I’ve been away, now you’re saying everything has changed, and I’m afraid that I might be losing you... {Credit to Michael's Kitten for the cover, LOVE YOU KATTT.} [Shoutout to Dani who we hope comes back soon]


8. August 16th

Dear Dani,

I feel like all I do lately is apologize. I am again. 

Sorry I haven't been able to call or video chat lately. I hope we can soon. 

3 more months to go. We're about to kick off the US part of tour. Then we're back in Europe. That means the time difference will be 12-16 hours apart. You'll be asleep and I'll be awake, and vice versa, but I promise I will try to stay up every waking minute just so you can talk to me if you need me. 

I really hate time zones. Don't you hate time zones? They're the worse and ruin everyone's fun. 

I'll try calling you soon. The boys and I have radio interviews about now


Calum x

P.S - I finally got your envelope with the flash drive in it. I'm sending you a new one because this one is adorable and has made me fallen in love with you all over again. xx

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