What will happen when the worst thing in history Relapses?


3. Chapter Two:

~~“Vanessa?” Jackson knocked on my bedroom door. “Come in” he walked in and gave me a nervous smile. “Hey, you wanted to talk?” he said nervously.  “Yeah, so about what happened at the park?” I said questioningly. “Yeah, sorry about that” he scratched the back of his neck. He sat down on my bed next to me. “Do you like me?” I blurted out. “I always have, but I finally built up the courage to kiss you” he admitted. I gently put my hand over his hand and smiled. “I like you too it’s just…” I paused. “I don’t want to lose you, I…” “That’s why it took so long to tell you” he interrupted. “You mean so much to me, you’re my best friend, if we break up it won’t ever be the same” I said while looking down at my hands. He wrapped his arms around me and I did the same to him. “I just think we should wait to become more, if that’s okay with you? I just need time to think.” I asked him. “Okay, Nessa” he kissed my cheek and smiled. “Well I better go, I have to be home for dinner” He said while kissing my cheek again. “Okay. You better call me tonight!” I smiled. He laughed and nodded while walking out the door. I immediately texted Valeria saying “Hey”, after a couple minutes she replied “Hey babe” “You will never believe what happened today!” I texted back “What happened!?” she asked. “Can you come over for dinner?” I asked “Yeah sure be there in 10” she replied. She lives right around the corner so she comes over a lot. “Val is eating dinner with us!” I yelled out my door to Amie. “Okay!” she yelled back. Valeria, Jackson, and I have all been friends since we were young, we all aren’t really “Popular” at school but we are well-known because we’re easily to get along with, we don’t start drama, pretty much everyone likes us.  “Val is here!” Amie yelled. Valeria walked into my room and immediately started questioning me “What happened?” “Is it bad?” Before she could ask another question I clamped my hand over her mouth and laughed “Val calm down!” I laughed at her. “Well, what happened?” she asked “Well…” I paused. “Vanessa!” she exclaimed. “Okay, okay. Well…Jackson kissed me” I said quickly. “Oh my god!” she said excitedly. “I knew he liked you!” she continued. I laughed “Well what happened after he kissed you” she asked me. “I kind of ran away” I said embarrassed. “But then he came over, and I told him that I would think about us being more than friends.” I continued. “What are you going to say?” “I don’t know. I think I’m going to tell him I want us to be more, I told him to call me tonight” I smiled at her. “Okay well I was wondering if I can stay here with you guys for a week, my parents are going to Paris for a business thing” she asked. “I will ask Amie and Shane when he gets home, but I think dinner is almost ready so we should help her” we both stood up and headed downstairs. I saw Emma sitting on the couch playing with a Barbie’s “Hey Emma!” I smiled down to her. “Hi Nessa” she said gently. I met Valeria in the kitchen laughing with Amie “When is Shane getting home? I interrupted. “He has to work late tonight, so it’s just us tonight” she said while brushing a piece of hair out of her face. Valeria set the table while I dished up the plates and set them on the table. I walked back into the living room tripping on Emma’s toys she giggled. I ruffled her hair “Time for dinner” she set down her Barbie’s and nodded. We all seated at the table “So Amie… I was wondering if Valeria can crash here while her parents are in Paris?” I gave hey the puppy dog eyes. She laughed “Yeah sure, well its spring break, so I bet Shane won’t mind” She smiled to us. “Thank you!” I thanked her. After we finished eating we all rinsed off our plates and headed to the living room. We turned on the T.V to see “Emergency Broadcast” written across the screen. “Emma go up to your room and play with your toys” Amie commanded.

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