Forbidden love

Clairason Harley is our average teenage high school sweetheart. Her boyfriend Damon Rodgers wants a little more than she expects. When Damon try's to seduce her into sex she can't resist his charmingness to get her drunk. A few weeks later she wakes up pregnant and finds out that Damon forced her to have sex that night, when she breaks up with him he tries as hard as he can to try and win back thief love but most of all, see his kid.


7. chapter 7

"Where's that girl of yours?" My aunt said as she walked in the door. I waved giving her a look of satisfaction.

"Is it true? Are you really pregnant?" I sighed. My mom shook her head. I quickly ran upstairs and locked my door. I dug my face into my pillow an cried. I fell asleep around 7:30.

I held my baby close to my chest. "Hello. I'm Claire. I'm your mommy." My baby giggled and wiggled her fingers. I laughed wiping away a tear. Damon came in with some fresh burgers.

"Mmm. Smells delicious." I have Damon the baby and took the food. I haven't eaten anything in 8 hours. The sun was slowly coming up. I chomped on the food for about ten min. Damon came back into the room holding the baby and suddenly I was at a house I couldn't recognize. Damon held our child. They looked as if they were a toddler. Now he was disappearing.

"Wait!!!" I screamed.

I fluttered my eyes open. I woke up on my floor. I felt a warm spot beneath me. I looked down and found myself in a pool of blood.I screamed. My mom came shooting up the steps and to my door. She pounded against the wood.

"Clairason open up!!!" I couldn't move. I was in way too much shock. She broke down the door and nearly fainted when she saw all the blood. She attempted to pick me up. She half carried me out to the car and sped to the hostpital.


I woke up in the hostpital room. The doctor walked in just as I opened my eyes.

"Good news Claire. Your baby is perfectly heathy just that you hurt it when you fell. But because of this mishap the baby may come early or late. Oh and you're due on check up next week to see how many you'll be having. If it's in the right position you may get to see what gender he/ she they/ it." I smiled and rubbed my stomach.

"Thank you."

"Oh. Yes you're also free to go. Just sighn some papers at the front desk and you'll be free to go."

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