Forbidden love

Clairason Harley is our average teenage high school sweetheart. Her boyfriend Damon Rodgers wants a little more than she expects. When Damon try's to seduce her into sex she can't resist his charmingness to get her drunk. A few weeks later she wakes up pregnant and finds out that Damon forced her to have sex that night, when she breaks up with him he tries as hard as he can to try and win back thief love but most of all, see his kid.


2. chapter 2

I woke up in Damon's house half naked and sprawled out on his floor. I looked around for Damon but he wasn't here. I put my shirt back on and slid up my pants as I stumbled to the stairs. I stuck my hand to my head and moaned. Ugh. Hangover. I crumbled down the steps and fell face first in the kitchen followed my another moan.

"Ouch! Rough night?" I looked around the house. Everything was sparkly clean. Then you see upstairs.

" what the hell happened last night? I remember nothing." I crawled up to him on my hands and knees and leaned against the cubbies. My phone started vibrating in my pants. I fished it out and answered.

Me: mom?

Mom: young lady where have you been? I thought you were dead! I tried calling you last night but-

She was starting to weez.

Me: m- mom listen calm- calm the hell down!!!! I'm fine I went to Damon's birthday party last night and I stayed the night.

Mom- are you ok? Are you hurt?

Me: mom? Mom. MOM! I'm fine! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!! GOODBYE!!!

I screamed into the phone and hung up before she could say another word.

I kissed Damon goodbye and set for home. As I pulled into the driveway Damon texted me.

Damon: you forgot your bra😏

I looked down my shirt and gasped.

Me: awe! I'll be back in 30😬

I unlocked my car and went inside looking to see if there's any trace of my mother here. My cat clover was on the counter licking clean the peanut butter that had fallen from the cabinet. I gasped loudy and quickly threw away the remaining peanut butter. I picked up clover and tapped her nose.

"No! Bad clover." I threw her down and ran upstairs throwing on a nice dress for Maria since she want to take me somewhere fancy for our best friend anniversary month. It's been what? 11years we've been best friends? I found my red dress.💃I quickly changed and went back to the car. I flew down the road trying to get to Damon's house as quick as possible. I flung the door to his house open and there stood my mom...

Holding up my bra.

Plz comment and tell me what u think if u have any suggestions do tell. ! I love you my kitties! And if u want to ask me anything or want to coauthor with me or one of my books I would so be honoured so kik me @ rosiemeow1!!!! Exclamations not included btw. Thx!

And since it short I'll update two chapters tonight.

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