Anything can happen

When beastboy has a weird dream he starts to wonder what it means. He doesn't remember much from the dream but he does know that it was about raven. Is beastboy being silly or does his dream actually mean something?


5. preperation

The day of the event was a day if preparation. Starfire found all kinds of games. Robin contacted the other titans that where going to come. Cyborg cleaned.

"I'll go to the store for food and drinks." Volunteered Raven.

"I'll go too." Beastboy said so fast that the titans looked at him with expressions of shock. The teen turned red in the checks.

"Alright let's go." Raven felt her face get a little warm at the thought of being alone with Beastboy.


Walking down the isle of the grocery store was not boring for Raven. Beastboy was like a child but Raven found it somehow interesting. The changeling would wave at security cameras and make silly faces at small children.

"Hey Rae, are we going to get sour creme and onion chips?"

"Sure. And don't call me Rae."

"Um. Okay." The two pulled into the soda isle. "What's your favorite soda Rae...ven?"

"I don't know. I don't drink much soda."

"Have you tried fanta cherry?"

"I can't say that I have."

"Well, do you wanna try it?"

"I'm not sure..."

"Come on Rae. Just try it. For me."

"Alright. But just because you're my friend."

"I'm your friend?" He looked confused.

"Yeah. Of course you are."

"Oh. I thought you saw me as an annoying little brother or something."

"Eh. Maybe at first, but the more I get to know you, we are friends."

With this Beastboy had a large grin on his face. "Oh that's great." He said putting his arm around her. "We are total besties." He said in a joking manner.

"Um okay. Can you let go of me please." He let go of her. She still had a slight blush on her pale skin.

The teens headed to the check out. Soon they where back at the tower. It was clean and Starfire had set out games. There was twister, pin the tale on the donkey (the donkey happened to be green 😝), and bopit.

"Hello friends!"

"Hey star, gots some chips and soda." Said bb holding up publix bags.

"Oh glorious!"

"Hey, the others are on their way." Said robin. Cyborg walked in.

"So star, what are we going to play?" He said.

"Well I found these," she motioned towards the games already out, "and I was hoping to play the hide and the seek and the truth or the dare."

"Well sounds like we have quite a party set up." Said raven.

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