Anything can happen

When beastboy has a weird dream he starts to wonder what it means. He doesn't remember much from the dream but he does know that it was about raven. Is beastboy being silly or does his dream actually mean something?


3. pizza

The titans returned to the tower after defeating Doctor Light. It looked like they had a quiet evening ahead of them.

"Dude I challenge you to a video game duel!" Shouted BB to Cyborg.

Cyborg had a large smile on his face. "I accept your challenge. Prepare to get your booty kicked!" The boy hopped onto the couch and began to play. Starfire sat down on the couch as well. Her eyes wide as she watched the boys play.

"It's almost time for dinner." Robin pointed out, "do you guys wanna go get some pizza?"

"Yeah that sounds cool." Said cyborg without even looking up.

"Pizza sounds - WAIT WHAT NO!! I WANT A REMATCH! NO FAIR!" Beastboy had lost yet again to cyborg.

"Bro it's just because I'm better." Cyborg stated with a small mocking smile.

"Yeah pizza is good." Raven agreed. She looked back down at her book and ignored the bickering between Cyborg and Beastboy.


At the pizza place, the titans sat at a large round table. Robin was sitting next to Starfire. To her right was Raven and to her right was Beasboy. On his right was cyborg.

"So Star, do you get it now?" Asked Robin. He was explaining dating to Starfire after she had asked why people hold hands.

"I believe so. So it is a sign of affection, correct?"

"Yup that pretty much it."

"So how come Beastboy doesn't hold Raven's hand?" Beastboy choked on his soda. He was coughing like crazy. He also turned a very bright red.

"Hahahaha. Yeah. Beasty and Raven." Joked Cyborg.

Raven pulled up her hood to hide her red face. He didn't like her. Starfire was just being crazy. Right?

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