Anything can happen

When beastboy has a weird dream he starts to wonder what it means. He doesn't remember much from the dream but he does know that it was about raven. Is beastboy being silly or does his dream actually mean something?


2. in the heat of battle

Raven couldn't help but notice that Beastboy was constantly glancing at her. She wondered if there was something wrong. Was there something on her face? A stain on her cloak? Hmm. She didn't think much of it. Who cares what she looks like. She didn't have the time to care.


Beastboy couldn't help but notice that Raven's hair looked nice. It always looked like that but Beastboy never took the time to appreciate it. He then noticed that she was eyeing him. Crap. He thought. He then looked away. His face felt warm.


"Titans! Trouble!" Robin yelled. All give titans stoped what they were doing and took off.


It was doctor light. He was terrorizing the city with his light blasts.

"Doctor light!" Robin yelled as they arrived at the scene of the crime.

"Hahaha. Teen titans. Do you think you can defeat me with my new blaster? Ha! I think not!" declared Doctor Light.

The titans started to battle against him. Blast of yellow come from the blaster at the teens. They dodged it and headed in separate directions. Starfire shot green blasts at Doctor Light. Cyborg also blasted at doctor light.

Raven was trying to get closer to the blaster when an orange blast came flying towards her. Before she could even react a green bird swooped down and grabbed her.

Once she was back on the ground she look for Beastboy so she could thank him but, he had already joined back into the battle. This was the first time that raven ever noticed how powerful he was. "Wow." She muttered to herself. She realized he wasn't just a dorky guy, he was strong and even.... attractive.

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