Anything can happen

When beastboy has a weird dream he starts to wonder what it means. He doesn't remember much from the dream but he does know that it was about raven. Is beastboy being silly or does his dream actually mean something?


1. a normal morning

The sun climbed it's way into the morning sky. Light beamed in from the windows at Titan tower. Starfire, a beautiful young tamaranian teen, opened her green eyes.

She sat up and looked around her large and very pink room. The red head stretched her arms out as if reaching for something. As she dressed herself in her usual purple outfit she smiled. Every morning is a good morning for Starfire.


Robin was all ready up. The boy wonder had awoken early for some training. He was always keeping his body in peak condition just incase something where to happen.

By this time Robin was up an assembling his breakfast. The spiky haired teen poured creamy milk into his bowl of corn flakes. Robin then sat down and began to enjoy the cereal before it could get soggy.


Raven got out of the shower and began to dress herself. She found her black leotard and dark blue cloak. Once she was presentable she left her dark room. As the purple haired teen headed down the hallway she saw Starfire heading the same way.

"Good morning friend Raven." Proclaimed Starfire with a look of joy on her face.

"Hey Starfire." The two girls continued down the hall together.

"I was wondering of maybe you would like to go to the mall of shopping with me latter today. It would mean the a lot to me." Starfire smiled a hopeful smile. Raven felt bad but, she knew it wasn't her thing.

"Sorry Star, not interested. Maybe another time."

"Oh. Alright." Starfire was disappointed but she knew that it was unlikely anyway.


Cyborg awoke and felt great. He was all charged up. The tall half robot set off for the kitchen.

On his way he passed Beastboy's room. He could here the changeling snoring. Cyborg rolled his eyes and kept going.

The doors slide open and he saw Raven, Starfire, and Robin all sitting on the long couch in front of a large T.V. The three teen where watching the morning news. The blonde woman on the screen talked about a local pet shelter. Starfire watched with wide eyes. She barely touched her eggs. Raven only partly payed attention. She took slow sips from her herbal tea. Robin could care less about the pet shelter. He was waiting for the crime reports.

"Morning y'all." Cyborg called out to his teammates. He fixed himself some waffles and then joined the others on the couch.


Beastboy awoke with confusion. He had had the strangest dream. He had dreamt about him and Raven. "As if that would ever happen." he muttered to himself as he got dressed. As soon as the green teen walked in to the common room he noticed Raven. He soon pushed that thought out of his mind. Raven would never notice him like that so why should he. Beastboy made himself some tofu egg and also sat on the couch. The changeling kept glancing at Raven. Stop it.he thought. ~ijust that weird dream. Or at least that's what he thought.

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