King Of Shadows & The Corrupted Six From Hell

When Princess Celestia finds out that King Sombra has returned back to power, and is taking over the Crystal Empire once more, she tells Princess Luna to warn Princess Twilight Sparkle of the bad news. Once Twilight Sparkle gets her best friends together, they leave for the train station. But when they arrive at the Crystal Empire, King Sombra turns out to be more powerful than ever before. After a coragious battle till all 6 had lost their insanity, King Sombrahad finally won, once each pony was taken out. He then cursed them all, twisting their minds to think pure evil. With all 6 ponies, once the Elements Of Harmony, now the Elements Of Terror, cursed to think liked Sombra himself, the whole of Equestria appears doomed forever. With Paranoid Twilight, Pinkamena Diana Pie, Little Miss Rarity, Rainbow Factory Dash, Dishonest Applejack, and Butchershy at King Sombras side, it seems not even the three remaining princesses have any hope. Especially if Princess Luna becomes a Nightmare...


1. The King Of Shadows Returns

Princess Celestia had only nodded off on her throne for less than five minutes, when an outburst caused her to quickly awaken. Princess Celestia jolted quickly upright with shock, as she let out a loud shreik of fright. "I wasn't sleeping! I merely just closed my eyes for a minute!" Princess Celestia said quickly to whoever had woken her so suddenly. She soon realized it was one of her royal guards who had woken her. He had bashed the door open in a mad frenzy of panic. "Your majesty! I have some terrible news!" Princess Celestia immediately began to worry about her sister Princess Luna. To her embaressment, the royal guard noticed the change of expression on her face, and he said quickly "your sister is okay, but the whole of Equestria could be in grave danger your majesty". Princess Celestia sighed with relief, as she had always feared that her sister would become Nightmare Moon once more. Princess Celestia said in a worried tone "what could be so wrong that it would jeopardize the whole of Equestria?" The royal guard gulped nervously, and then brought himself to say the news. "he's back once again, and stronger than last time". Princess Celestia gasped as she said slightly shocked "how can this be true?!"


The royal guard said sadly "the only few Crystal Ponies to escape Sombra's wrath got away very badly injured, some even with limbs practically torn off. He's more evil than before, even if that's possible! He has killed nearly every Crystal Pony in Existance!" Princess Celestia looked apsolutly mortified as she found it hard to find the words to say. "w-wait a m-minute! Crystal ponies h-have d-died?!" The royal guard could say no more, he fell to the floor, and began sobbing hysterically. Princess Celestia didn't know what to say, so she remained silent for a moment. She had never seen one of her royal guards break down like that before, for they had faced bad situations before. Princess Celestia soon realized why he was crying when he said through his uncontrollable tears "m-m-my wife! He k-killed m-my wife!" Princess Celestia bowed her head down respectfully, and then called out for her guards to come immediately. As soon as they had all arrived, she commanded them to guard the castle, and spread out over Canterlot, to ensure King Sombra cannot get in to attack the pony folk.


Princess Celestia tryed to stay strong through all the panic as she said importantly "guards, get me Princess Luna immediately! And make sure you escort her to me!" With that the royal guards ran off to fetch Princess Luna. When they returned, Princess Luna looked confused, and slightly worried. "What's wrong my sister?" Princess Luna asked with worried interest. Princess Celestia bowed her head sorrowfully once more as she said sadly "I can't talk about it now, you must do me a favour". Princess Luna stood proud and said "anything for you big sister". Princess Celestia said seriously "you know you can go into other ponies dreams during night time". Princess Luna just simply nodded and remained quiet. Princess Celestia said importantly "you must go into Princess Twilight Sparkles dream tonight. There can be no hesitation. You must tell her to gather up her friends, and meet the royal guards waiting for her outside the town hall. She must follow them to the palace". Princess Luna went to open her mouth, but Princess Celestia stopped her quickly as she said in a low tone "no questions, just do as I say. I shall explain everything when Twilight Sparkle arrives".


Princess Luna bowed her head respectfully, and then went up to the highest tower to be alone. She closed her eyes, and imagined herself into the mind of Twilight Sparkle (always a weird feeling to be in someone elses mind). A clear image of Twilight Sparkle partying with her friends came into view. Princess Luna wasted no time at all, as she made her presence quite clear with a loud booming voice she once used as Nightmare Moon. All six ponies turned in a mad panic, thinking Nightmare Moon had returned. They all quickly began relieved when they realized it was only Princess Luna. Twilight Sparkle shouted excitedly as she bounded over to Princess Luna for a hug. "Princess Luna! It's so cool that your in my dream! I've never dreamt of you before... However if I had of, I probably would have kept it to myself anyway, otherwise ponies may have thought I was obsessed with you or something like that". Twilight sparkle then blushed awkwardly, but Princess Luna spoke loudly to shut her up. "Twilight! Not another word! Princess Celestia wants you in Canterlot immediately! I'm not sure why yet, but she has sent some royal guards to the Town Hall to escort you safely to the palace!" Twilight Sparkle looked shocked, as did her friends. Twilight Sparkle said nervously "what could possibly be so urgent that she would send you into my dream?" Princess Luna ignored her question and said eerily "from the moment I fade away, you and your friends will awaken, and meet the royal guards outside the Town Hall". With that Princess Luna slowly faded away, and Twilight Sparkle found herself now staring up at the dark ceiling. She looked out of the window, it was still night time, and Spike, her baby dragon assistant was still fast asleep.

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