Bad Choices

People think that life is easy with money. Well, I don't. I have parents who don't give a damn about me. They care about their other kids. The kids that weren't adopted. Guess who the kids are.

Harry Styles and Gemma Styles.

Harry: 16 years old
Gemma: 20 years old
Ariana: 16 years old


3. Chapter 3

Ariana's POV

"Get away from my sex buddy you bastard!" He yelled.

I turned to see who it was still trying to hold in my tears. I just couldn't handle this much drama at once. Finally finding my long lost best friend and now he's thrown on the ground and punched in his stomach because of me. I cause people to get hurt. I just wanted to go die. I ran outside and saw stairs leading to the top of the school and the school is really tall.

Before I went up the stairs, I used all my money to buy a bottle of beer to drink before I die. I quickly climbed up the stairs and sat on the floor looking down. I drank my beer and decided to jump down. I walked up to the edge and leant forward. I tripped on a rock and I fell down. I felt calm knowing that people wouldn't get hurt anymore because of me. Everything will just go back to the way it was except I won't be in their life.

I felt my head hit the ground and everything went black. I didn't know what was happening but I was sure my life was over.

Louis's POV

I saw Ariana walk off. I guess she couldn't stand me getting hurt. I saw her climb to the roof of the school. I stopped and thought. Why would she go to the roof?? I followed her leaving Harry standing there with a mad face. When I got to the roof, I saw something that almost made me faint.

Ariana was going to the edge of the roof. I ran towards but I was too late. She tripped on a rock and fell off. I started screaming and crying. I guess the best thing to do was call the ambulance and hope that she was okay. This whole thing was my fault. If only I was here earlier, she wouldn't have fell over. I was about to jump too. I saw Ariana's body on the ground with blood everywhere. I fainted and I heard the ambulance come. That's all I knew before I blacked out and I felt like I was dead.

~Authors note~

Hey guys!!! So I'm updating cuz I'm GOING TO THE ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!!! IM SO HAPPY!!! I LOVE MY FRIEND!! So..... I won't be updating soon because I have school and I barely have time to come here and read a story. I hope you guys can help spread this story to others and please like and favorite!! BYEE!!!!

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