Piper Must Die

You know that pretty blonde girl? Come on, everyone knows, loves, and adores her. It seems like they get everything they want at the snap of a finger (well in most times the shout of an order). Yeah you know who I’m talking about. Nothing bad seems to happen to them does it? It’s like karma missed a bitch isn’t it? Well, I was one of those girls until it all came down. My name is Piper and this is how I died.


2. Mrs.Thompson's A Bitch

                                            Monday at  6:00=Too Early For Me To Be Up

Ugh I can't believe Elashia  is calling me this early in the morning. I mean come on it's not like we are on different planets she should know this is too early to call someone! I pick up. "This better be important!' I scream even though I might wake up my parents.'Oh it is, what are you wearing to school I need to make sure our colors don't clash! Stat!' she says. 'Good-bye Lashia you could have texted me this instead.' I try to go back to sleep  but it's hard to do that when I have already been awake. Let me tell you a few things about me-

*I'm popular (duh)

*I'm beautiful (obvi.)

*I'm a cheerleader (why wouldn't I be?)

*My best friends are Elashia and Renalde and they are both witches

*Alas I am a human but hoping to change that soon

I think that's enough for now.

                                 First Period=English=Mrs.Thompson's a btich

'Alright class turn to page blah blah blah blah blah' Mrs.Thompson says and then stops and starts again.' I said blah blah blah blah blah' Everyone starts laughing. 'Who put a spell blah blah blah' Ding! I look down at my Iphone screen and see that Elashia texted me- 'Like my little spell? >.<' I look up and smile at her then text her back 'Haha I hear that most of the time she is talking anyway' I look up and see Mrs.Thompson hovering over me. 'Anything I can help you blah blah blah' I say and start cracking up with the rest of the class. 'The phone blah blah blah!'She says well rather sprays in my face.. ' I'm sorry I can't understand you and next time say it don't spray it.' I reply with  a sly smile. 'Miss.Piper blah-' she is interuppted by the door swinging over and the principal and this new girl walks in and she has wings! Omg she is a fairy she can help me become supernatural. Hmm maybe I should show her who is boss around here though and then we can become great friends- Not! I'm just going to use her. Litlle did I know that this Fairy wasn't someone to play around with- WARNING THIS FAIRY BITES! should have been on her forehead as a fair warning.



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