They Don't Know About Us

Marcel lives a normal high school life for a ''nerd'' Everything was perfect for him good grades, allot of friends, and his family was rich. He was an only child, so he didn't have to worry about being embarrassed by siblings. Until one tragic day when he was pulled out of school and immediately put on a plane to america without saying goodbye to his parents. He was bullied at the american school worse than every before right to the point when he wanted to commit suicide until he fell in-love with a girl named shyann who changed his life


10. Sleepover

*Shyanns P.O.V*

It was 8:29 when i noticed Harry walking out the door. He come back instantly and said "Well arent you coming?" He then chuckled. I wondered where we were going. I got up from where i was sitting grabbed my phone and followed him out his room. A girl that looked about 14 years old followed behind me along with a boy. Im guessing they were his little cousins as they wispered and pointed at me. They were really loud whisperers. He grabbed my hand 'guessing i was walking to slow' and took me to a room that had a giant chandelier and a long table. His Aunt who i met earlier waved to us and made us sit. "Dinner will be coming shortly" she said as she watched us sit at the end of the table. 


*Harrys P.O.V*

As we were waiting for what felt like hours i couldnt help but stare at Shyann. She was beautiful in every single way. As i was trying to say something my Uncle walked into the room while smiling back at Cindy 'the whore maid'. "Oh i see we have a girlfriend at the table, good work son!" My Uncle said while settling down in his chair. My cheeks started to get real hot after he said that, i was so embarrassed. "No shes not my girlfriend Uncle Rob......she. is. my. friend. I said trying to get things to not be so awkward. As my Aunt explained to my Uncle i turned to look at Shyann. "Sorry about that.." "Oh its fine, dont worry about it." she said while patting my left thigh. Before i could respond 6 butlers came into the room each holding a silver plate. They each went to someone and sat a plate infront of them. "DINNNNEERRR is served!" a chef said while bowing down like he was a performer. It was a long and awkward dinner. 

It was 9:00 by the time we were heading upstairs to my room. I let Shyann take a shower first since she was still in her wet clothes. By 9:25 she came out wrapped in a short white towel that hung down just barely above her knees. "Well are you gonna get me some clothes, or are you just gonna sit there staring at me." She said then laughing while sitting on my bed. "Of course im sorry!" I said while scrambling to my dresser to get her some clothes. "Im going to take my shower now, so just sit tight on my bed also the left side is mine." I said yelling through the bathroom door.  

*Shyanns P.O.V* 

As i got in the shower i could hear someone in the next room talking. "Harry just got here, and he gets to have his girlfriend stay with us!" A girl yelled. Im guessing it was one of his cousins. "Sweety Harry has a reason too, I know about this girl and she is not his girlfriend now calm down." Another woman said while chuckling. I quickly hopped in the steaming hot water. Harry only had one thing to use for shampoo, even though it said body+hair on it. After what felt like i was in there for hours, i turned off the water. Once i got out i half screamed when i seen my naked body in the mirror against the back of his door. I wrapped the small white towel around my body, then flipped my hair into another one. I walked out of the bathroom and seen Harry already looking at me. I was so uncomfortable.. "Well are you gonna get me some clothes, or are you just gonna sit there and stare at me?" I finally managed to get out after 5 minutes of awkwardness. It seemed like i startled him since he jumped up really fast when i started talking. He gave me some clothes and then went into the bathroom. I couldnt hear anything after he turned the water on. He'll tell me when he gets out. I layed out my wet clothes i wore to school on his balcony so they could dry by the morning. I walked back in and started putting the clothes on he had given me. Surprisingly the pajama pants he gave me actually fit. But just hung loose enough on my waist. It felt weird without having any underwear on. I managed to put the oversized shirt on and was thankful that it wasnt very tight. I let my hair down and brushed it through with my skinny fingers. Once i had gotten what seemed like all the knots i jumped  into his bed and unplugged my phone from his charger. Nothing of course nothing is left on my phone. No messages No missed calls. "NOTHING!" I yelled. I walked out to the balcony to call my mother. 

*S-Shyann  SM-Shyanns Mother*

S-Hello mother is that you?
SM-Yes! It is me now what do you want, whats wrong.
S-Whats wrong? You left me!
SM-No i didnt i l told you where we were going a week ago!
S-Then where are you!
SM- We are going to Arizona, To my geart Aunt beckys funeral... *Sniffles* You didnt know her, but she was like a mother to me.
S-Im so sorry mom. I...didnt mean to yell at you like that, i must of forgotten. you?
SM- I love you too sweety, with all my heart. Now did you find a place to stay?
S-Yes actually, Im staying with my friend......Harry
SM-A BOY! ooh im going to tell your father you finally got a boyfriend! Sweety im so proud of you!
S- MOM! hes not my boyfriend hes just a friend.
SM- not yet he isnt your boyfriend. 
S-Okay okay mom, now did you leave me a key at least so i can get some of my clothes?
SM- Yes it should be underneath my ash tray.
S- Okay mom i love you ill text you okay?
SM-Okay sweety! and we will be gone for 1 month.

As i walked into the room Harry was looking in his dresser. He had a white towel wrapped around his waist, and one wrapped in his hair just like i had mine. He grabbed a pair of boxers and looked at me "I uh....kinda sleep naked................ soo this time ill make an exception to put underwear on for you." He said while walking back into his bathroom. When he walked out my jaw was still wide open. "Well arent you coming to bed lights out at 10:30" He said while pulling the covers up to his chin, and clicking the lamp next to him. His bed was a Queen size so we had enough space between each other. "How can you sleep naked Harry? Im freezing!" I said while scooting towards the middle. "My body is like a heater." He said while scooting towards me. I put my hands on his chest while he pulled me towards him wrapping his arm around my waist. We soon fell asleep just like that, It felt so...right.


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