They Don't Know About Us

Marcel lives a normal high school life for a ''nerd'' Everything was perfect for him good grades, allot of friends, and his family was rich. He was an only child, so he didn't have to worry about being embarrassed by siblings. Until one tragic day when he was pulled out of school and immediately put on a plane to america without saying goodbye to his parents. He was bullied at the american school worse than every before right to the point when he wanted to commit suicide until he fell in-love with a girl named shyann who changed his life


2. School

                                             *Marcels School*

''Louis my parents never came home last night''. Marcel said. "Its fine Marcel they was probably getting drunk somewhere and could not drive so they might of went to a friends house or something you know." Louis explained. "I guess your right, nothing to worry about." Marcel Said as they was walking to home room. *Goooood Morning my wonderful students! 2nd week of school, so boring right? everyone have a great day now!* "That assistant principle sure is"- and Louis was cut off when he heard their home room door slam open! The police was in the school. "We are looking for a Mr. Harry Styles likes to be called Marcel? Would you happen to know where this child is?" "What the hell did you do Marcel! and your real name is Harry?" Louis Asked. "No its actually Harold! and i have no idea whats going on!" Marcel said with a shaky voice. "Its Harold?" Louis said as Marcel was walking up to the front of the room trying to figure out what was going on. "Umm im Marc- i mean im Harry Styles" "Come with us Mr. Styles" The cop said. They were walking very slow out of the school Marcel didnt know what was going on and it was a 45 minute drive to his house. Marcel had to sit in the back seat of the cop car due to all the electronic junk in the passenger seat. *''Officer Jones do you have Mr. Styles?''* A woman said on the radio. *''Yes i do Penny, im taking him to the residence to collect all of his belongings"* The cop answered back anxiously. 15 minutes went by with complete silence and awkwardness. *''Officer Jones we have a 487 on Lacee Blvd, We need you to come check it out right away"* "whats a 4-8-7 or somthing?" Marcel asked very patiently. "Its a burglary!" the cop shouted. 

                                     *The Burlary*


We got to the scene and we seen the burglar trying to get in a window. He was wearing black pants, black sandals, a black hoodie and a black ski mask covering his face. The cop quickly got out of the car leaving the door open. "HEY!" the cop shouted while pulling out his gun and pointing it at the victim. "Step away from the building sir, i repeat step away from the building!" At this point the cop was yelling so hard he was spitting every other word. After 7 minutes of chasing the victim around the house, the burglar finally gave up. At this point the cop was tired and walking very slow towards the suspect. He was out of breath and was trying to say get on the ground and out your hands over your head but before he could say anything the suspect started running away. The cop was too tired to chase after him so he simply pulled out his tazer and tazed the man until he fell too the ground. He was screaming like a little girl! The cop finally regained breath and come up to the man. The tazer barely hit the suspect so he would only get a bruise. "Thought you could get away didnt you!" The cop asked the man. The cop picked up the man and pucked him into the backseat with Marcel. He was terrified at what he thought his face was going to look like. "Excuse me sir, are you alright?" Marcel asked. "NO! Im not it hurt really bad! And why did you call me sir?" The victim threw back its head making his hood fall off. "YOUR A WOMAN!" Marcel screeched. "Yes i am" She replied. "Why were you trying to break into that house?" Marcel said. "I was trying to get my coke" she said. "A soda?" He asked. "NO DUMB ASS! My ex boyfriend stole my drugs and never gave them back so i needed to get it back!" Her face was dark red like she was holding in her breath. It took an extra 25 mintues to get to the police department. 

                                  *The Police Department*

"Ill be right back son im just going to put this dirt bag in the offic wont take me but 5 minutes" The cop explained. Marcel was sitting there for about 20 minutes before he felt his phone start to vibrate. It was Louis.

*L-Louis  M-Marcel*
L- Marcel where have you been, what happened!
M-Ive been with the cops.
L-Why are you hanging around with the cops Marcel?
M-I honestly dont know Louis. shh be quiet i have to go the cop is coming back i will call you when i get home.
L- Okay bye Marcel good luck!
M-Thankyou Louis.

As the cops gets back into the car Marcel notices that he is carrying 4 donuts.
"Is 2 of them for me?" Marcel asked politely. "I am a damn cop son! I LIVE OFF OF DONUTS!" The cop started laughing and said "im just kidding you can have one for your scrawny little body" "Thankyou Officer"

                                 *Marcels House*

As they pulled up to Marcels house Maryann Marcels favorite maid was sitting on the steps waiting for Marcel to arrive. "Sweety i packed all your clothes, i even specially folded your tidy whiteys" She said as she chuckled. "MARYANN THATS SO EMBARRASSING!" he yelled. Maryann handed Marcel his plane ticket. "Whats this for" he asked. "Your going to live with your uncle for awhile" she said. "Your flight leaves at 8, you have 2 hours to say your goodbyes" as she was explaining to Marcel his eyes started to water. Marcel stepped forward to hug Maryann when she starts breakin down into tears. "Im going to miss you" they both said at the same time. After that Marcel pulled out his phone and dialed Louis number.

L-Hello Marcel is that you?
M-Yeah its me i have some news.
L-Whats wrong Marcel?
M-Im.... to live with my uncle Rob.
L- *Silence*
M-Louis you there?
L-Yeah im here...we have to hangout before you leave!

M-My plane leaves at 8, i only have 1 hour and a half now before i have leave to go on the plane.
L-Im coming over!

As Louis hung up the phone Marcel started running to his gate. They met halfway between their houses. They ran as fast as they could and bear hugged each other. "Your my best friend Louis" Marcel said. "I dont want you to leave Marcel, who is gonna sit next to me in every single one of my classes now!" Louis asked. "I dont even know why im moving" Marcel Explained. "You have my number text me the whole time your in america" Louis asked. They both hugged again and started crying. ''Well its my curfew i best be going'' Louis said while shedding a tear. 

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