They Don't Know About Us

Marcel lives a normal high school life for a ''nerd'' Everything was perfect for him good grades, allot of friends, and his family was rich. He was an only child, so he didn't have to worry about being embarrassed by siblings. Until one tragic day when he was pulled out of school and immediately put on a plane to america without saying goodbye to his parents. He was bullied at the american school worse than every before right to the point when he wanted to commit suicide until he fell in-love with a girl named shyann who changed his life


15. Back Again

*Harrys P.O.V*

We stood there looking into each others eyes for a straight 5 minutes. I cant get over how beautiful they were. Her eyes were as blue as the ocean, and i just wanted to dive into them. I heard footsteps and i guess Shyann heard them too when we quickly parted and went to act like we were busy. She ran into the bathroom and i ran to my closet and pulled a bunch of shirts off the hangers. My Uncle walked into the room and went straight to my bathroom. He knocked on the door 3 times. "I know your both in there and i WILL have the maid bleach that bathroom if i have to." He said while chuckling a little bit to himself. "Ermm Uncle Rob?" I said while opening my closet door a little wider. "Shyann is taking a shit!" I said. My Uncle was startled when he heard my language. Oops i cussed! "I- Im sorry for cu-" I started to say but was cut off. "Its alright son, i dont kind it i mean me and your Aunt use it, But i just dont want my kids to say it so please dont influence them." My Uncle said while walking to my door. "Oh and dinner is ready like it should be ready by now." He said. Once i knew my Uncle left i sat the shirt down on my bed and went to the bathroom. The door swung open. "Really im taking a shit!, You couldnt come up with somthing better than that." She said while throwing her arms in the air. I stared at her for awhile before we both started laughing. We got down to the dining room table. "Everything come out okay?" My Uncle said while taking a bite of his steak. Everyone started laughing, and Shyanns cheeks got red. She looked at me with such disgust. The dinner went by real slow. Just as we were all getting up my Uncles phone rang. He answered it. "Harry, Shyann you go upstairs please now. The rest stay!" He said. I went up the stairs after her and tried listening to their conversation but they weren't talking loud enough. Shyann thumped down the stairs and pulled me to my room. We sat on the bed on our phones not saying anything. She finally turned to me "Really i mean, i was taking a shit! How embarrassing." I couldnt help but just laugh at her. Before could say anything my Aunt bursts in the door. 

*Sorry for such a short chapterr*

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