Virtual Hogwarts

Have you ever wanted to devise a fantastic movella about a witch or wizard going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but never quite were able to write it as you wanted? Well I, Headmaster of Hogwarts, Cornelius Durken have finished taking applications for this semester/year, but would love to see you enter a plot idea, or even just follow the story. I'm sure it will be like nothing you've ever seen before. Because in this alternate version of the Wizarding World, the readers will decide what happens.


5. House Point (HP) Count + Important Info.

This is the HP (House Point) count so far. Remember, the winning house gets a special treat at the end so every point counts!

Also, each month there will be a Head Boy and Head Girl. These will be the students with the most points made for their house. Being a Head Boy/Girl comes with privileges such as seeing drafts before they are published, becoming one of the feature characters for a short period of time, and so much more! It doesn’t matter what year or house, so it’s a goal for everyone to strive to achieve.

The first Head Boy and Girl will be chosen at the end of next week so be sure to dock up those points!



Jackson Relew- 30

Joseph Lohi- 20

Aiden FirEhouse- 95

Will Wright- 20

Wes Wright- 20


185 HP



Elodie Relew- 35

Aaron Smith- 40

Alex Woodlandy- 20

Jackson Woodlandy- 40

Cameron Quin- 40


175 HP



CoCo Ealore- 20

Valora Abbott- 0

Giavanna Mezzapeso- 20

Raven Reed- 20

Jacquelyn Gelb- 110


170 HP



Myra Ryan- 25

Regan Reed- 25

Daniela Merdith- 45

Elizabeth Smurk- 20

Regulas Horn- 40


155 HP




2nd HUFFLEPUFF with 175 HP

3rd RAVENCLAW with 170 HP

4th SLYTHERIn with 155 HP


We don’t have one right now, but if we had a Head Boy and Head Girl, this is what it would look like. These are the people that have the highest amount of HP and are currently most likely to become Head Boy and Head Girl.

HEAD BOY- Aiden FirEhouse


HEAD GIRL- Jacquelyn Gelb


NOTE- If you don’t already know yet, Virtual Hogwarts now has a group. The link for it will be in the comments below. Anyways, in the forum of this group, there should be a post made by me called NEW CHARACTER POSITIONS AVAILABLE. I am now accepting character applications for Professors/ Heads of Houses which can only be submitted in the group. Also, each character that you make will give 50 HP to whatever house you choose! But know that you do not have to be currently a part of Virtual Hogwarts already. Just make sure you read the directions carefully.

The first story chapter will be up REALLY soon. I know it! 

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