What Seen Cant Be Unseen

India nothing thought anything exciting could ever happen in her life. Think again. When she went to the park with her brother something unimaginable happens.


1. Indie

Hi I am India...but you can call me Indie. I have a lot to tell but lets start with Hi. ummmm... I am  a kid...not the average kid...im a ghost. I hate being a ghost! No one can see me and when your a ghost you don't get cold, hot, hungry, and you stay in the same clothes you were in when you died. Oh you want to know how I died. Its a little sad but okay. oh and I am stuck in forever 12. *sigh* okay my story is I was out  with my brother...you know what's sad I've been gone so long that I forgot my brothers name. Anyway we were out at a play ground and he was pushing me on the swing. That's when I wanted to jump off like the cool kids at school. It did not end well...I have not seen my brother in years. But he did not blame him self. Its my birthday to day I wanted to go check on my brother...I know what he looks like but I forgot his name. I am wearing my red converse, capris, and a graphic tee. My hair is long and brown.I'm going to go to my mums house to see how she and my big bro are doing.

   *skip to house*

 That's weird I walked through every room he's not here. Now I was worried. Then I saw my mum on the phone.

"oh, yes he still on tour." she said.

Well lets go see where he's off to know...I was cut out of my thoughts by my mum.

"Yep, he's in England...London of course." She said in a duh tone.

I guess he really did get a guitar gig. Well I know where I'm going next.

*Skip to London*


I finally made it here...by floating. Then I see a black van. YOLO!!!!!!!! I go to see what or who is in it. I stick my head trough the sun roof. Hey its big bro. I get ahead of my self.

"Hey big bro its Indie, oh oops he cant hear me...dang it." I say a little sad.

Before I tucked my head back out I heard a scream. I put my head back in slowly...He-he's staring and pointing at m-me. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"G-guys look" the weird boy said. They turn to look at thin air.

"Nothings there c'mon we're all tired" The short haired boy.

"Yea boobear lets go to the hotel your just tired ." Said the curliest haired boy I've ever seen.  

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