Why Me The Unknown?

Imagine being given the chance to go on a trip to Europe; of course not alone. Nina Cervantes, a newly graduated high school student, goes on a trip with her fellow classmates. Touring Europe will open new doors, give her the chance to experience new traditions, and make new friends. What she didn't know was that her new friends were going to be the one and only (Drum roll) One Direction! Read more to learn how one summer in Europe completely changed Nina's life.


6. *Chapter 5*


Josh's POV


"Finally...I can touch the floor. I really hate you guys for making me go on this trip." I said sounding a little bit mad."I could have died up there or should I say we if there was an accident."


"Look, Josh, you should be glad that you could spend time with all of us, even if it were to be the last day you ever lived." Sky said. She was on her phone already and right now she took out her Kindle and iPod.


"Do you have an electronic store in your carry-on bag or something Blue?" Chelsea asked.


"No' but we all wish. Now all of you will be seated with someone and whenever we have to go on a bus or train, that person will be your partner and that is it you can't beg to get a different person. Although it would be amusing I will just laugh in your face." Mr. Kulish said.


"What we have to sit again? I have butt lock!" Nina whined while rubbing her butt.


"Thank you for that information Miss Cervantes, but unless you want to stand the whole time, then be my guest." Mrs. Henry said.


"Let me guess we have to get in line and wait for them to tell us which seat we are sitting in and surprise us with who our partners are," Jeremy whispers.


"All of you will are to be standing in a straight line until we call your name. When we do, you need to come forward to whoever called your name and they will give you a slip with a number on it. That number will be your seat and we will send you and your partner at different times." Kulish has some words.


"Damn you're a sidekick dude!" Brandon told Jeremy and then they did their handshake. We all got in line and waited for them to say our names.


(20 minutes later)


"There are only sixteen of you left and most of you will be happy with your assigned seats." Mr. Kulish mentioned,"and since the only seats that are empty are for the sixteen of you, we will just call out your names and numbers."



"Sky Dalton and Ally Harrison seat number twenty-one. Chelsea Brown and Jessica Bryrne seat number fifteen. Marleny Hernandez and Dumbren Batres seat sixteen. Jeremy Cervantes and Josh Lopez seat twenty-five. Brandon Batres and Jade Mendoza seat twenty-two. Joe Morales and George Gomez seat twenty-seven. Nina Cervantes and Steve Williams seat twenty-four. Last but not least Briana Miller you will be sitting in the front with Mrs. Henry." Mr. Kulish had finally finished saying.


"What about Vanessa?" Brianna asked.


"Right Miss Clark will be in seat twenty."


"Touch my sister and I will kill you," Jeremy said to Steve.


"Don't worry man I won't I swear." He responded.


Steve's POV


Everyone started getting to their seats and then somebody pulled me back,"Well who is the lucky girl?" George and Joe asked.


"Boys get to your seats. Now."


"Yes, Mrs. Henry" thank you for that. I got to my seat and Nina was still talking to Jeremy.


"I'll be fine you're right next to us", and with that, she came to our seat.


"I'm sitting near the window?" it came out more like a question.


"Umm okay," I said.


"So what were you guys talking about?" Nina asked.


"What do you mean?"


"You, George and Joe were talking about picking a girl. For what?"


"Why do you care Nina!" I whisper yelled. "Stop talking."


"Sorry I was trying to make a conversation."


I feel so bad,"I didn't mean it like that."


"Just forget it, but know that if you really need help with something or if something is really bothering you, I can help, I won't say no."




"No problem, now if you want to talk to me give me a tap cause I'm going to be reading a fanfiction."


"What is a fan fiction?"


"It's...never mind you'll make fun of me."


"I won't ever make fun of you, or do anything that can hurt you."




"I care about you," I whispered the last part.


"Did you say something, Steve?"


"No why?"


"I thought I heard something. Oh well on to my reading."


Nina's POV


(10 minutes later)


"Oh My God No! NO! NO!!" Why did he have to do that?


"What's wrong." Everyone on the bus asked.


"In the book, I'm reading..."


"No need to keep listening to her. Go back to what you were doing," Jessica interrupted me.


"What happened Nina?" Ally asked three seats down.


"They cheated on them. I'm going to cry!"


"Who cheated on who, and what story is it?" she asked


"It's called The Twins Of One Direction and one direction cheated on them. Well not with their sisters, but for example Liam cheated in Zendaya who is Zayn's twin."



"OMG, That's Fucked Up!"


"Really One Direction?" Steve stated.


"Be glad it wasn't about Justin Bieber. No offense Jessica!" I yelled.


"None was taken, but for future reference just because you say no offense it doesn't make it any less offensive,"

Jessica stated.


"Anyways that would be considered a fanfiction."


"Oh, I get it."


"Yes, and I also read about: The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Twilight, The Arrow, The Flash, Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, Brent Rivera and a couple of teen fiction so on and so forth."


"Wow, that's a lot."


"Yeah it is, but I love to read."


"Read a book, you know hardcover."


"It is, it's just online duh. Like a kindle but free."


{10 minutes later}


I stopped reading because my phone died and I was bored.


"Aye Nina my laps getting cold want to sit on it?" George said.


"Your such a flirtatious, cocky jerk like in one of the books I'm reading. There is just one difference."


"And what is that baby?"


"The character is actually cute or should I say sexy."



"Ohh," the people in the back said.


"Ha! You want some ice for that burn?!" Josh said.


"That will teach you not to hit on my sister again." Jeremy said then finished off with," if you didn't learn your lesson I will gladly let my fist teach it."


"Like I would ever do what you say," George replied


"Guys just stop!"


Ally's POV




Allybear~ Hey what's going on cause I was listening to music 🎶 and then everyone oohed?


Jerebear~ Nothing much why are you texting me?


Allybear~ Because Niner's phone died


Jerebear~ but she's using someone's phone, oh well...feel bad for them


Allybear~ TTYL


Jerebear~ peace ✌🏼


"Aye, do you have a sharpie, Blue?" I asked Sky


"Yup what color Allybear?"


"What color does Vanessa like?"


"Probably a hot neon pink. Why?"


"She fell asleep."


"Here ya go. Oh and write my name on her. Please."


"Will do Sky."


This is too funny, she is so dumb though that when she wakes up she'll probably like the waterproof makeup she did. As you can tell, this isn't the first or last time I did this. I'll Be Back For More.




Steve's POV


"You sure you want me to use your phone?"


"Nina you been using it for half an hour already and asked that thirty times."


"Okay and still. But here's your phone."


"No, you can use it."


"I don't really want to I'm tired plus it died so it's useless to me." She yawned, "Can I put my head on your shoulder?"


"Sure go ahead."


"Thanks. Wake me up when we get there ok."


"Okay." God, she is so cute, but why would she ever like me. I'm in a "gang". But I'm not as bad as George and Joe. Plus she would never date a guy younger than her let alone at least kiss her...I think.


{Word count 1307}


Quote of the day


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