Why Me The Unknown?

Imagine being given the chance to go on a trip to Europe; of course not alone. Nina Cervantes, a newly graduated high school student, goes on a trip with her fellow classmates. Touring Europe will open new doors, give her the chance to experience new traditions, and make new friends. What she didn't know was that her new friends were going to be the one and only (Drum roll) One Direction! Read more to learn how one summer in Europe completely changed Nina's life.


2. *Chapter 1*

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Nina's POV


Oh, My Lord! I can't believe that it's the last week of school. Well not really for me, you see I'm a senior and I already had my finals plus...I GRADUATED!! Still, can't believe I did it. Anyways, the reason why I'm so excited is that in the middle of the school year I paid to go to a month field trip, to Europe. I'm going with my best friend Ally, along with my other group of friends.


The trip is during summer and I really can't wait to go to England. There are many reasons why, and I just can't put them into words. I can't wait to see the beautiful place. I leave in two weeks, but I'm all packed and ready to go. I struggle with getting ready so I decided to do it ahead of time since I'm a procrastinator. I just have one tiny little problem at the moment though, I'm really bored. This always happens to me and I hate it. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only girl in the world who gets bored and tired really easily. But let's face it I'm not. I am just a lazy person.


After fixing a couple things in my room and double checking if I had everything I needed I received a text from the one and only Allybear. Our whole group of friends have nicknames for each other, mine is Niners but pronounced Neeners.


Allybear~ Hey hey hey it's Fat Albert. I just finished packing since I know I wouldn't have everything if I water till the last minute. What about you? Are you done?


Niners~ Hola and yes I'm all packed. Come one we are literally the same person, of course, I packed today. Plus I'm bored. Please do recommend anything to help.


Allybear~ I feel bad and Nah I think I'm good 😏 😂 but omg guess what I'm listening to? Go on, guess?


Niners~ Music? Traffic? Your nagging mom?


Allybear~ Ha ha ha very funny. It's music 🎶 but guess what song it is??


Niners~ Fine umm😐 ...is it a slow song?


Allybear~ No it's MIDNIGHT MEMORIES by...


Niners~ ONE DIRECTION....love ❤️ that song...well all of their songs.


Allybear~ Right


Niners~ Well I'm tired 😴 so....


Allybear~ Imagine if we meet them...


Niners~ I doubt we will. I mean what are the odds. Well I'm gonna go so bye 😘


Allybear~ Ttyl love


I went on my music and decided to do something with my life than just sit around and pressed shuffle. "Lately I found myself thinking, Been thinking about you a lot, And up in my head I'm your boyfriend, But that's one thing u already got." I started dancing to the music and I mean I'm not that bad of a dancer. My alarm rang and I accidentally threw it across the room because I got a little carried away with my awesome dance moves. " Oh crap" I looked at the time," I'm going to be late for work".


It was 8:50 A.M. and I have to be at work at exactly 9:00 A.M.! I work at Charlotte Russe, Valencia Westfield Mall.

I quickly change into a Chanel t-shirt, floral pants, timbs and added a watch as an accessory. I have to dress with style since it's a fashion store. I add mascara, chapstick and do a messy bun. I look in my full-length mirror to check if I look good and as always I do...just kidding, but I do look good. Confidence is key ladies and gents. 


I got into my car when my phone started to ring. "It's just the nature, a game Get ready, we'll do it again Let's not recover, time to hangover When your eyes got me drunk I was sober."


"Ugh, who is it now?" I answer the phone, "Hello hija ¿por què me hablas así?" (Hello daughter, why are you talking to me like that?)


"Oh hi, daddy and can't you talk in English this is America, not Guatemala", I respond getting annoyed that he always expects me to speak Spanish. I speak it well not amazing, but people understand what I'm saying plus I can read and write in Spanish.


"No me vengas con actitud joven, y quién me importa. Si nos vamos a Guatemala té voy a decir lo mismo This, not America it Guatemala . Besides where you go to?" He said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. (Don't come to me with that attitude young lady and why should I care? If we got to Guatemala I'm going to say the same as you. This, not America it Guatemala. Besides where you go to?)


"It's This is not America it's Guatemala. And also where did you go to and I'm headed to work, have to go or I'll be late by love you " "Bye love you too, be careful on the road and..." "Yeah, you said bye so..." then I clicked.


Today better be a good day and I hope that the week goes by fast. I got to work in time, started helping out the customers, organizing the clothing and such. It's actually not that bad working in retail as people make I seem. Yes, there are times where I want to pull my own hair out but, I'd rather sleep. Time goes by so fast when you're doing something you love. If you didn't notice, I love my job. Now it's time to go home, change into something comfy and then sleep. Well, of course, eat who could forget that. Plus take a shower and all of that wonderful junk you do before you go to bed. Or if you don't it's cool you know I'm just letting you know what I do. Not that you care.


{Word count 968}

Sorry, this chapter is still short, but trust me the chapters will get longer.

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