Japan's Only Hope

Scientists in Japan have been constantly warning the world about a disease that could be possibly breaking out in the next 3 years. Sadly, no one listened but just laughed it off. After 3 years of warning, the disease finally steps up to the plate. Read to follow a group of high school students as they try to survive through the horrific event.


2. Chapter Two



As Kaito and I walked down the hall to the nurse's office, I kept trying to pull away from his hand. For five minutes now we've been holding hands and it's kind of awkward. Kaito acts as if we never have had issues before, the way how he holds onto my hand tighter makes me feel like he just forgot all of it happened. I slipped out of his grip, holding my bloody hand close to my chest.


"Thanks for your sympathy, but you can go back to class," I said harshly. "I really don't need an escort." I began walking to the nurse's office by myself, well, not really with Kaito following me. I spun around quickly to face him again. "Why do you keep following me?"


"Because if I weren't, you would have been in trouble for passing through the halls without a pass," he reminded me, "remember?"


"Oh...yeah." I turned around once more to continue walking to the nurse's office. Honestly, whoever built this school must've had a very thick skull with a tiny brain because it makes absolutely no sense at all for the nurse's office to be on the second floor of the school. What would happen if someone in woodshop slit their wrist? Or someone accidently stabs themselves? Or a student slips and falls down the stairs? Then we have to drag whoever that is upstairs to the nurse, also known as the lazy woman who complains about how much she hates the sight of blood. Why become a nurse then?


"Here," Kaito said, opening the nurse's door for me. Isn't it a little too late for you to be acting like a gentleman? I thought to myself, I should stop being so rude to him. Besides, it could have been set up by Suzume and her ugly clique. I took his generosity and walked into the office, the first thing I saw was Nurse Terajima stuffing her face with mochi and candy bars. "Aren't you supposed to be setting a good example for kids to eat 'healthy'?" Kaito said, making fun of her and a good point.


"Pheeve me aphone!" she said jokingly, actually trying to say "Leave me alone!" but couldn't due to all the caramel she had stuck to her teeth. She swallowed a large clump of food that showed through her throat and began speaking normally. She put in front of us caramel mochi and different flavored KitKats. "Want some? Kids love candy!"


"Nurse Terajima, we're 17 years old, we're not really kids anymore," I reminded her. "And uh, I came here for my wound to be treated, not for candy."


She took one look at my wound and dragged me over to a seat. "I'm so sorry! Just let me take care-!" she apologized but stopped when she saw the sight of the blood on the napkin. I looked at her with an eyebrow arched, is she seriously just going to sit there and stare at my bloody hand?


"Uh, Nurse Terajima?" Kaito said and nudged her while shoving pieces of KitKat in his mouth. "All you have to really do is just bandage her up."


"Huh?...Oh, right! Just let me wrap it up!" she said as she, somehow, whipped out bandages from behind her. I hope she isn't a quack. When she wrapped up my hand with the bandages, it took shorter than expected, especially for Nurse Terajima. But seriously, how can the sight of blood be your weakness and you're a school nurse? "Um...I think I left my mask in the teacher lounge. Principal Ishimura will be doing a checkup in the next hour or so. You two stay here while I go get it."


"Sure thing," we said as she left the room. Now this was just beyond awkward, I'm sitting in a room, alone with Kaito Akiyama. There's nothing for me to really say except for thanks, I guess.


"Kaito, thanks for escorting me to the nurse's office," I said as I felt his warm hand land on my head, gently ruffling my hair.




"No problem," I told her as I ruffled her silky black hair. I broke apart a piece of KitKat and offered it to her. Without saying a word, she immediately knew what I thinking.


"Thanks, but no thanks," she said, shaking her head in refusal. That's weird, because when we were younger, she loved KitKats. But she changed when we got into high school. I don't know why but she's been acting weird towards me. Yesterday, she took forever to text me back when I texted her a huge paragraph about our English test today, which we probably missed now that we're up here. Today at lunch, she offered me some of her fish and rice with a different pair of chopsticks since I forgot to make my own last night. And now we're here in the nurse's office, alone, barely speaking to each other.


I don't know what happened between us. We dated in junior high, but that ended rather quickly. It wasn't because of our clans forcing us to break up, she just seemed different and somewhat cold towards me for two weeks. After that, we told each other at the same time that it wasn't going to work out, so we broke up. I didn't want to because I always liked, well, loved, Kimiko ever since we were in elementary. That may've been a young age for me to say that I loved her, but every time I looked at her, I felt happy, and I do now.


I looked over to her, she was playing around with her bandages and staring down at her feet. I scooted closer to her and wrapped my arm around her body. She looked up at me, giving me a cold glare and trying to scoot away. I dragged her closer to me until we were nose to nose. I put another chunk of KitKat in my mouth, forcing her to eat it with me. I put both of my hands on her hips as the piece of chocolate helped us get closer.


"Kaito, what the hell are you trying to do?" she asked with the same cold glare. Kimiko slipped the KitKat from my mouth into hers, crushing it with two crunches, and swallowing, not even letting me get a bite. Okay then.


"N-Nothing," I lied. I was trying to be her first kiss, since she told Atsuko that she still hasn't had it. She's probably kill her if she found out that Atsuko told me that.


"Kaito, stop. Thanks for escorting me but I think it's time we get back to class before any rumors about us spread." She got up from the chair and headed towards the door. I ran up and grabbed her wrist, holding her back so she can stay with me a little bit longer.


"Nurse Terajima told us to stay here until she came back, so we should do as told," I said, making an excuse. She sighed and looked at me straight in the eyes.


"Kaito...what do you want from me?" she asked, this time without her cold glare. Her look was more...cute than irritated. I pushed back her straight bangs and put our foreheads together.


"I would like an explanation for why you were so cold in 8th grade. Why did you think it was time for us to break up?"


"Honestly, we don't have time for this!" she yelled, still trying to get out of my grasp. I held her tighter and closer to me each time she struggled to get away from me. "Kaito, let go before people think we're doing something!"


"Let them think it," I said as I hugged her tightly. "I just wanted this." I felt something that I thought I would never feel again: Kimiko's arms wrapping around me. She hugged me back and looked up at me with her beautiful golden eyes. Kimiko let go of me and walked towards the door again.


"Come on, Kaito," she said with a faint smile. "I really don't want to miss that English test, so let's hurry up and get down there." The last thing I saw of her was her long, dark mint green skirt flowing past the door. I followed after her, I don't want to miss that test anymore than she doesn't. I stopped walking when I heard grunting and small gasps from the room on the right side of the hallway.


"Kimiko, wait, you hear that?" I asked her, hoping I wasn't the only one who was hearing shit. "Come here, listen in on this room."


"Look, if it's someone having sex, I really don't care and kinda don't want to hear it," she said with her arms folded. She's so damn stubborn! I yanked her by her arm, forcing her to listen through the door. Blush appeared on her face as she listened in, it didn't sound like sex, it sounded more like...rape!


"Kimiko, this isn't sex," I assured her. "Sex is willing, rape is the complete opposite. I can her someone struggling." I kicked open the door, looking around to see who was being raped. My eyes stopped roaming when I saw...Nurse Terajima being eaten alive, half-naked and dying. I heard Kimiko gasp in disbelief, was this...was this a dead person?!


"Kaito! Get back!" Kimiko shouted as, this time, she yanked my by my arm. From what it looked like, the person chewing on her flesh was Principal Ishimura. What the hell is going on here? I grabbed Kimiko's arm and ran out of the room and down the hall, shouting loud enough so all the classrooms could hear me.




"What the fuck are you doing?!" Kimiko said after shoving her fist in my mouth.


"Obviously, trying to help everyone escape the school!"


"Don't start shouting up and down the halls! That causes panic!" she scolded me. Damn, she can be just like a mother at times. We heard the P.A. start to pick up, Vice Principal Ebina spoke to us in a shaky voice.


"B-Boys and girls...please do not fret or panic any sort of way but...I'm going to announce something serious. But, again, don't worry! Since elementary, we've had drills like this. It seems as if our school is being intruded by a group of odd men. Everyone in the gym needs to drop their basketballs and stop runni-!" The P.A. went silent for a minute, the only horrible thing we could hear was the sound of Nurse Terajima's flesh being eaten. I came back to the doorway, standing behind the broken door hinge. I put my arm in the way of Kimiko. I didn't want her to get hurt or even get close to ended up like Nurse Terajima. I peeped inside the room for a split second and didn't see anything, not even Nurse Terajima. What the hell is going on here?!


The P.A. picked up again, all we could possibly hear was groaning and moaning sounds. Then we heard a woman enter the Vice Principal Ebina's office, gasping and screaming.


"Vice Principal Ebina! Are you okaAAAAY?!!" From what is sounded like, whoever entered that room was another victim. No so long after the woman entered the office, the groaning and moaning multiplied by two. Are these things...zombies? I thought things like that only exist in movies and manga, how could this have happened?!


"Kaito, we should leave the hallways," Kimiko said as she tugged on my jacket sleeve. I snatched my arm away from her, we can leave the hallways, of course, but along with that, we can leave the school! "Come one, Kaito, stop being so damn hardheaded!"


"Kimiko, we-" my speech got interrupted when Kimiko got shoved into me, due to everybody hurrying to get outside of their classrooms. We landed on the floor, I hovered over her to protect her in case someone runs her over.


"What the fuck is going on?!" a boy shouted. "Aya, let's go!"


"Sensei, what should we do?! The school's under attack!" a girl questioned her teacher. "I don't want to die!"


The hallways was filled with screams of panic and tears of worry. Everyone tried to call their moms and dads, aunts and uncles, but they were all sent to voicemail. A girl screamed in terror as the crowd made a circle around her. I got off of the floor with Kimiko and looked over to where everyone was staring. These people are so sick, they're watching the girl get scratched and almost clawed apart by one of the damn things! Kimiko and I pushed everyone out of our way, making our way to the first year student.


"Help me! Someone, please!!" she cried out, hoping someone in the crowd would listen to her. Kimiko pulled her away from the zombie while I continued to kick him in the jaw. When I bashed his skull with my foot, he finally let go of her. He actually stopped moving. Was he...dead? I mean, I know he's dead, but was he...completely dead? He must be because nothing else moved, not even his facial expression.


"Are you alright?" Kimiko asked the girl. Her calf was scratched badly and she clung onto Kimiko as if she was her older sister.


"I'm fine now," she replied. "Thank you so much for saving me. God bless you two!" The girl and Kimiko got off the floor, the girl took a handkerchief from her jacket pocket and wrapped it around her wound. "Stay safe!" She ran down the steps to the first floor and, I hope to God, made it out the school safe.


Now it was just Kimiko and I again. We stood there in complete silence, not saying a word for about 15 seconds. She broke the silence by bringing up something that completely slipped my mind.


"We have to see if everyone from our class made it out safe," she said, motioning her finger to the first floor.


"But what if one of those freaks approach us?"


"The gym is down there. I heard that the kendo club was taking over that area today, so there should be some baseball bats and kendo swords in the back room," Kimiko said as she quietly and carefully made her way to the flight of stairs. I really don't want to go anywhere except for where I'm standing now. But out classmates and friends could be out there waiting for us, I can't just ignore them. I quietly shuffled my feet top where Kimiko was at, hoping that, not just everyone from school, is okay.

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