Japan's Only Hope

Scientists in Japan have been constantly warning the world about a disease that could be possibly breaking out in the next 3 years. Sadly, no one listened but just laughed it off. After 3 years of warning, the disease finally steps up to the plate. Read to follow a group of high school students as they try to survive through the horrific event.


1. Chapter One



"...Please! Listen to us! There really is a dise-!" the same scientist went on and on, talking about the disease he claimed was going to happen in three years. The news reporter snatched the microphone back from him, pushing him out of the camera.


"Get out of here!" he yelled. "Don't let that trouble you," he said, directing that to the ones watching TV, "anyways, onto the latest crime of today. Miki Higa-" I cut him off by turning off the TV, I didn't want hear any of that. I grabbed my school bag and headed out the door, walking down the street to go to school.


"Kimiko!" I heard my friend Atsuko call my name. I turned around to be hugged tightly by her.


"Atsuko, what is it?" I asked, a little annoyed. I was somewhat in a rush to get to school. Kaito texted me last night, reminding me of the test we had tomorrow, which is today. I could literally feel the volume leave my hair as I thought about that horrible English test coming upon us.


"Nothing, I just wanted to walk with my best friend in the entire world." I sighed at her while pinching the bridge of my nose. Atsuko's one of those people you just can't stay mad at for a full five minutes. Sometimes you just have to submit to her cuteness and try not to shout at her.


"Fine then, let's go," I said as I walked ahead of her, having her run behind me. After 10 minutes of walking, we made it to school on time. We got in our seats and waited until our teacher took attendance to talk.


"Stand," our teacher, Mr. Fukui, told us and we did it. "Bow," he said, we bowed. "Sit," he said, and we did as told again. "I'm going to take attendance now. Akiyama."


"Here," Kaito said. I opened up my notebook and began doodling, I was bored and tired. I spent most of energy on iaido yesterday, including practicing my English and helping out my neighbor with her gardening. This may seems like a lot of work that needs to be done, but somehow I got used to it. My family, the Hayashi Clan, have to maintain our healthy position. Right now, we're head to head with the Akiyama clan, the same clan that Kaito is in. Kaito and I have been friends ever since 4th grade. When we began growing up, I grew feelings for him. He's athletic, tall, intelligent, and always nice to others. But now that we're in the 11th grade, it seems like he changed. It's like we got more spread apart and went our separate ways.


"Hayashi!" Mr. Fukui shouted in front of me, I dropped my pencil and looked at him wide-eyed. "Kimiko, I've called your name three times and you didn't even answer once! Are you okay today? Did that crazy scientist on television scare you or something?"


"S-Sorry, sensei," I said with my head down. I had my mind on Kaito so much that I didn't even pay attention to the teacher.


"Aw, Kimiko-chan got scared from the quack on TV this morning," my friend, Mayumi, said.


"Just ignore her, sempai," Astsuko whispered in front of me. "I was kinda scared too!"


"Thanks for the sympathy, Atsuko, but I wasn't scared," I reassured her. "I just had my mind on other things, that's all."




It's lunchtime, finally. What I really needed right now was food. I missed breakfast this morning by fooling around and looking at TV, now I'm sitting at my table with a bento box I made last night. My table consists of Atsuko, Mayumi, Chieko, and Kaito as usual. It's been like this ever since elementary, just like we're going in a huge circle. I looked over at Kaito, he didn't have any lunch with him today.


"Want some of my bento?" I asked him, handing my food over to him. His face brightened up when I offered him fish and rice with a different pair of chopsticks.


"Thanks Kimiko, but are you sure I can have some?"


"Yeah, it doesn't really bother me," I said honestly.


"I guess that's why I like you so much," he said with a slight chuckle afterwards. He stopped eating when he realized what he just said. "Wait! Uh, I didn't mean it like that! What I meant was-!"


"I understand," I replied, "but I'm not sure if your little girlfriends did." I motioned my finger towards the table in front of us. The three girls that were speaking on me were Suzume, Takara, and Makoto. We've been going to school together since junior high and after what happened with Suzuma and I, not one of the girls were fond of me ever since. "Apparently, the way how you worded that sentence disturbed them and now I'm their topic today."


"Who cares?" Atsuko said cheerfully. "You two would be a cute couple anyways!" I grabbed a napkin from Chieko and wrote on it: Shut your fucking mouth, please and thanks :), and passed it to Atsuko. She looked at it for a split second and immediately knew that I was serious. She knows what happened between Kaito and I. We tried dating in junior high, but that didn't last long due to our clans' reputations. Kaito was spending more time with other female classmates, like Suzuma, so we called it quits.


"Um..." a small voice said, coming from behind me. I turned around quickly to see who it was that was so quiet and realized that it was part of their personality. It was a classmate of ours, Shizuko Kurosawa, holding her bento box close to her chest and having the left side of her face be covered up by her bang. Shizuko was always a quiet girl and, from what I can tell, tries to stay away from others, especially Suzuma and her ugly friends. "C-Can I sit with you guys for lunch?" I turned around and looked at everyone else, they nodded in agreement.


"Sure, why not?" I replied. I scooted my chair over to Chieko, making room for Shizuko.


"By the way, what made you want to sit with us today?" Mayumi asked, which was a good question.


"I'm sorry! I'll leave if I'm bothering you!" she said as she tried to scatter away. I grabbed her arm and pulled her back down, making her sit with us.


"It's okay!" Kaito reassured her. "We just wanted to know what made you change your mind."


"Oh..." she said quietly, "I just wanted to be around you people. All of you seem nice so I...."


"Really?!" Atsuko jumped up and said. "You wanna hang out later then?" Honestly, doesn't she think it's a little bit to early in the friendship to start hanging out? Well, this is Atsuko we're talking about.


"H-Hang out?" she repeated as a question. "Nobody ever wants to hang out with me. I've been told that I'm irritating or annoying or just a waste of space. I don't even have any friends unless I'm playing a reverse harem visual novel..."


"Well you can kiss those visual novels goodbye because we're your friends now, Shizuko," Chieko said with a wide grin on her face. For the first time since my third year in junior high, I've finally seen Shizuko smile. "Go on, eat! You don't have to feel uncomfortable around us." Just as Chieko said, Shizuko unwrapped her bento box and began to dig in.




Lunch was over and now we have English, my favorite subject. I took out my English notebook from earlier and ripped out the page from this morning with all the drawings on it. I raised my hand to get permission to throw it away, normally I wouldn't have to ask but this teacher is a complete asshole and is so strict for the most unnecessary reasons. But somehow, English stays as my favorite subject of the day.


"Yes, Kimiko?" Mr. Kamata said especially loud for no apparent reason. "Is there a good reason why you're interrupting your classmates' learning session?"


"Well, is there, Kimiko?"Suzuma asked. I crumbled up my ball of paper more and more until my fingernails ended up poking into my skin. The blood from my hand dripped onto the floor, having my other classmates stare at me wide-eyed.


"Your smart ass comment wasn't even necessary," Kaito and I said at the same time. He looked down at my hand and grabbed a napkin he saved from lunch, wrapping it around my hand.


"I was just asking if I could throw this scrap piece of paper away," I said, hoping I made him feel like the ass he was. "Well, can you at least sign this piece of paper so I can go to the nurse?"


"You don't need one if Mister Akiyama is going with you," he stated. I looked to my side and Kaito was there, holding my hand with the bloody napkin. "The both of you, leave," he said as he shut the door on us. The last things I saw in the classroom were Atsuko winking at me, Suzuma and her clique gossiping, Chieko taking notes, Mayumi flinging paper airplanes at Mr. Kamata, and Shizuko staring out of the window. Honestly, how much more typical can this day get?

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