Why Would I Ever Love You

Hi I am Mackenzie and I am 18 years old. I live in a small town in Ontario named Stratford. I guess you could say I am popular, but I don't like being called that because of stereo types.

My world was amazing until a certain someone came back to our school. He is stuck up, a player, and is VERY cocky. I don't like him and he likes me. But maybe he isn't that bad after all.

A Justin Bieber Fanfiction


3. Perfect Day

beep beep beep beep be-

I slam my hand on my clock next to my bed. It reads 7:15am. School. Yayyyyy (note the sarcasm)

I launch out of bed and run to the bathroom. I strip down and find the right temperature for the water. I jump into the shower and shampoo, body wash, and then shave. I rinse off and get out. I quickly grab my warm, link fluffy towel and wrap it around my small frame.

I dry off and run into my closet. I put on a clean bra, paties, my I ❤️ CHEER shirt, and my jean shorts. I lace up my black high tops and walk back into my bathroom.

I dry my hair, brush it, then straighten it. I brush my teeth and wash my face before I put on my makeup. I grab the bag and apply mascara and eyeliner. I like being your self and being natural, so that is all the makeup I put on.

I grab my phone and backpack and take a glance at the clock. 7:58 am. Seventeen minutes until school starts. I run down the stairs and eat eggs my mom made quickly.

I run out the door and get to my car. I unlock it and hop in. I start driving to my best friend Blair's house. I get there quickly and she comes running out the door. We finally arrive at the school with the time of 8:12. Perfect timing.

We get to our lockers and walk to Biology together. On the way, jocks come over to us.

"Hey Makenzie." Ryan says checking me out.

"Not interested Ryan." I say walking away.

I here some ooohs coming from behind me and I just smirk. We arrive at the door and get in our seats right before the bell rings. Ryan walks in late, as usual.

"Today I am going to assign you in groups for a project. Some of you are going to do it by yourselves. The groups are, Maddie and Zack, Jake and Chloe, Blair and Ryan, and Anna and Jack. The singles are Makenzie, Kennedi, and David." The teacher said.

Most people groaned and others were happy. I just laughed at Blair because she got put with Ryan and she glared back at me.

*after school*

"You are coming with me to Ryan's because I don't want to go alone!" Blair told me while I was putting my books away. I slam my locker and grab my back pack and phone.

"Okay fine but you are sleeping over at my house tonight." I told her.

We walked to my car and drove off to Ryan's house. I rang the doorbell and he answered.

"I don't feel like working on the project, so lets go play video games!" He said excitedly.

We rolled our eyes and followed him to his basement. He gave us controllers because we are going to play NBA.

"RYAN?!?!?!" Someone yelled.

"WHAT MOM?!?!" He yelled back to his mom.


"OKAY!" He replied, clearly annoyed.

"Who's Justin?" I ask.

"My old friend who is coming back this year to be a senior and is staying with me. My mom thinks it is a really big deal." He replied, rolling his eyes.

"Ok, well we better get going. I will start on the project tonight." Blair said.

We walked upstairs and out the front door. We stopped by McDonalds on the way to my house for dinner. When we got to my house we did our homework and went on social media.

Ryan posted a picture of two boys that are about 10. He captioned 'so siked for justin to come back this year. missed having bro time'. I guess the two boys were Ryan and Justin. Justin looked odly familiar.

That night I fell asleep trying to think of who Justin was.

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