Lily Stone

a girls football team and a boys football team the boys are sure the girls will never beat them but when new girl lily stone joins the team maybe the girls will finally have a chance read to find out more..


2. New Girl

Long blonde hair flowed in the wind, her blue eyes shone in the sunlight and everyone starred as new girl Lily Stone stepped into the headmasters office.

"you must be Lily Stone" Mr Peters said

"Yeah" She confirmed

"Well its lovely to meet you I'm Mr Peters your headmaster, Mandy will be showing you around and looking after you for a couple of days so if you would like to follow her to your first lesson"

"Hi" Mandy said sweetly, they left the office and headed to art. "sooo what kind of subjects do you like?" questioned Mandy

"Well I really enjoy art and sport" Lily answered

"What kinds of sport?"

"Well mainly football im hoping to join the team"

"Really? im in the football team but I bet your not as good as me" Said Mandy , she smirked and walked ahead as if she was the boss. Lily looked down at the ground. They entered art class  and Lily took her seat but as she did so Brandon starred at her, when she noticed him she just smiled but he pretended he wasn't even looking at her. Brandon had dark brown hair and hazel eyes he was quite good looking but he never really took an interest in girls except this girl.

"Hey, What's your name?" He asked

"Lily" She replied

"That's a very nice name"

"thank you"

"Im Brandon its nice to meet you"

She carried on drawing the picture of wonder woman she was drawing when Miss Smith saw her work.

"Wow that's incredible, its Lily right?- Miss Smith

"yupp"- Lily

"You're a skilled drawer" Miss smith went off to help someone when Brandon peered over at her work and smiled

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