Lily Stone

a girls football team and a boys football team the boys are sure the girls will never beat them but when new girl lily stone joins the team maybe the girls will finally have a chance read to find out more..


1. Selfish Mandy

"Look you will never beat us were undefeated and we will never be beaten by a bunch of little girlies" Laughed Bruce and the other boys on the football team as they walked off onto their school football grounds.

"Their right girls we never will beat-" Sapphire was interrupted.

"No don't say that , we can do it , I believe in all of us! well I believe in me anyway. Shouted Mandy (head of the girls football team).

They ran on to the pitch with their heads held high.

"MANDY! OVER HERE! will you pass to me already I can score from here!!!" Screamed Cherry

"NO! I want to be the one to score!" Replied Mandy

And as she said that Shane( Mandy's boyfriend) stole the ball from her and headed towards his goal with Brandon running along side him.

"SHANE!!! THATS SO UNFAIR!!!" Mandy winged and at that moment the crowd went wild as the boys scored and won.

"Why didn't you pass to Cherry? she could have scored" Said Violet

"But I wanted to score the winning goal!"-Mandy

"Well thanks to you we haven't won in fact we've never won and we will never win as long as your captain" Said Stacey

"And guess what I am always going to be your captain and you will never change that!" Mandy strutted off and the boys continued to laugh at the girls.



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