Maybe if she listened

"Sometimes it's better to leave things unknown than to find out the truth,because you may not like the answer you find at the end"

Chloe Manson didn't listen to this advice when she was told,uncovering her parents death,would only cause he pain,trouble and heartbreak.

She didn't listen when she was told digging for the answers would only put her in danger and nothing good would come out of it.

And she didn't listen when the police told her never to leave the house in search of answers.

But she still went and found out the answers to the million questions she had.

Maybe if she listened she wouldn't be in danger and she would be living a normal teenage life with her beloved boyfriend Zayn Malik.


7. Chapter 7

Z.M fanfic ||

Movellas ||

Maybe if she listened


This dance is going amazing!Its over in 2 hours but I'll make the most of it.Lucas got me a gold corsage.

"You look gorgeous tonight"he tells me and I smile,"Hmm thanks you clean up nicely"I wink at him and he laughs.

Lucas has told me he has a brother but when he was 10 his brother got on his bike cycled off and he never saw him again.

"Jade?"Lucas asks,"yeah?" "I like you"he says.I laugh "I ummmm that's cool"


The dance is over.Im home and in bed.I had a great night.Zoe has been home since 8 and I don't know why?

I hear sobs coming from her room,I knock lightly, "zoe,can I come in?" "Ummm no I'll be out in 10", "zo something's wrong and I'm not leaving until you tell me" "no". I barge into her room.I see Zoe with a rope,attached to her light and a chair. "Zoe what the fuck"I cry loudly,"J----aaaade"she scream cries.she falls on her knees into my arms.I hold her tight and cry with her.

1 hour later.

"Why would you do this Zoe?" "I,I umm,"

"Please tell me"I plead. "Because I'm fat,ugly,worthless"she cries,"Zoe"I say softly,

"Zoe,I have met a lot of girls okay?You are the prettiest,Smartest,nicest one I know.Your not fat?Everyone wants to have a thigh gap and shit but nobody needs that zoe".

No Chloe.You do.Your fat.Your ugly.

That all I can think of myself.

"Thanks Jade"zoe says and hugs me" "how's about you sleep with me tonight yeah?"I suggest?"yeah"

A few days later---

Today Zoe and I are going shopping for the one direction concert that's tomorrow

First we go to river island.

I immediately spot a black long sleeved thigh length body con dress and I know it's a must buy.

Zoe buys white and navy strapped crop top showing of her beautiful flat stomach.

Next stop Abercrombie.

Zoe buys a white ruffled skirt mid thigh.I buy a black and gold floral kimono for over my dress.

Next was shoes.Obviously we head to Schuch.

I bought a pair of black doc martens.Zoe went with white converse.

We went for dinner in Jamie's Italian and was home at 7:20.

The next day---

The day had came.

The day I have wanted to come

For the past two and a half months.

It was here.


Zayn Malik.

The love of my life

Lucas is a nice guy but I told him we couldn't be together after the dance.I don't think I'll ever get over Zayn.

I look at my clock and it's already 3pm,or trains at 4 to be at the arena at 6 and show at 6:30.


I jump out of the bed and comb my hair.I french braid my side fringe and pin it back.Then I apply,My foundation,smokey eye,mascara,eyeliner,Blush and dark purple lipstick.I then slip on my black body con dress,my black doc martens and walk downstairs.When I'm downstairs Debbie and Cory are gone a usual keeping up with things at the hotel.Finns gone to work and Zo is already and watching tv.

"Hey" I say grabbing a banana,"IM MEETING ZAYN MALIK TODAY!i mean he's smokin!hes defo my fav!" "Mmmm hmmm"I hum and laugh.God if only she knew.

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