Maybe if she listened

"Sometimes it's better to leave things unknown than to find out the truth,because you may not like the answer you find at the end"

Chloe Manson didn't listen to this advice when she was told,uncovering her parents death,would only cause he pain,trouble and heartbreak.

She didn't listen when she was told digging for the answers would only put her in danger and nothing good would come out of it.

And she didn't listen when the police told her never to leave the house in search of answers.

But she still went and found out the answers to the million questions she had.

Maybe if she listened she wouldn't be in danger and she would be living a normal teenage life with her beloved boyfriend Zayn Malik.


14. chapter 14

Zayns POV

What does she mean she can't?

Well I know she means she can't be with me like obviously!but why couldn't she just have spoke to me?I mean is it really that hard???

I know her agent/dad/I don't know,told her she couldn't see me again after the concert,but a coversyayi on never hurt anyone!

Stupid paps,she was happy in Australia,its partly my fault that she had to come to NYC,well it is my fault.Them paps following me around,They got a picture of us together and now she's in a big huge mess again.

Chloe's POV

I miss Zayn.I just can't get back together with him.Im 17 and I can't have a boyfriend!Bullshit.

"Hey CeCe"Juliet greets me as I enter my dorm,"Hey" "how you feeling?" what?then I remember the party, "better"I simply reply."that's good,don't fancy catching a movie??" "Yeah sounds good,let's see brave!" "Yeah I'm a proper Disney freak!" "Same".I really like Juliet she's a lot like me.Personality wise,not looks,she's a lot prettier than me.Only last week she told me she was going to enter Americas next top model (ANTM)!She'd give Cara Develigne a run for her money!

I decide to change my clothes.I pull my black sweatpants from river island,pull a black string top over my head and layer it with a white Cotten PINK(brand) sweater with a hood.I wear it with my parka because it's quite cold 4 degrees Celsius! I wear my Nike white leather blazers and I leave my hair as it is.

"All set"I say and Juliet and I walk out of the school onto the street.

---At the cinema---

"I'm sorry Brave is not showing today,The next movie showing is One Direction This Is Us"the man behind the til says,

Great.Just amazing.

"Yeah Well see that!"Juliet seems excited.

Juliet and I share a large popcorn and I get a large coke.

We are 1 hour through the movie,I realise Zayn is living the life.I just can't believe he hasn't got a girlfriend.

--the next day--

We have a free day today.I think I might go to a show in MSG.

When I get up I check my twitter.







Hmmmm,I think to myself.I click on #Zerrie.

I see a beautiful blonde girl with beautiful hazel eyes and checkbones.

When you say "I wish I looked really pretty with a perfect body"


And they're kissing.

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