The Spelling Test

Annie will never lose her honesty...even for an award she nearly won.


2. The Spelling Test

"Impatient," Ms. Paige began.

Annie heard soft sounds of pencils on paper around the classroom. She filled her lungs with air, slowly let it out, and began to write.

"Word number 2: weird," Ms. Paige continued.

Easy, Annie thought. She quickly wrote it on her paper.

23 words later, Ms. Paige collected the test. "I'll correct them during lunch."

"I hope, I hope," Annie whispered to herself. "I hope I got 100 percent on my test."

After lunch, Ms. Paige said, "Several of you earned a prize today for perfect test scores."

Annie held her breath as Ms. Paige read the names.

"Trevor, Olivia, Jonah, and Annie all scored 100 percent!"

Annie grinned as she walked to the front of the room. Ms. Paige presented each of the four students with a fancy pencil. Annie's was silver, pink, and blue--her favorite colors. She held it high, her cheeks pink, while the class clapped.

This is one of my best days ever, Annie thought as she sat down.

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