The Spelling Test

Annie will never lose her honesty...even for an award she nearly won.


3. Annie's Choice

Ms. Paige handed back the tests and Annie read the words over, proud of the hard words she had spelled. She paused at the word "weird." It didn't look right. Annie pulled out the study list of spelling words and compared her test to it. "W-I-E-R-D," she whispered. She felt like a leaky balloon, with all the happiness whooshing out of her. She had spelled weird wrong.

What should I do? Annie wondered. I want my class to think I'm a great speller. If I tell Ms. Paige I'll have to give back my prize.

Annie stared at the test with the bright red 100% at the top. The words of the 13th article of faith popped into her head: "We believe in being honest..."

Slowly, Annie raised her hand. "Ms. Paige, I didn't get 100% on my test. I missed a word." She stood up and handed the teacher her beautiful pencil and test paper. "I spelled weird with an 'i-e' instead of an 'e-i.'"

Annie could feel the eyes of her classmates as she walked back to her desk. Ms. Paige held up Annie's test.

"Class, Annie did something more important than spelling every word correctly on a test. She taught us all a lesson about being honest."

Annie looked around. Her best friend, Rachel, smiled at her. Jonathan gave her a thumbs-up. Even shy Ava smiled at her.

"Annie, I want you to have this pencil for your good example to all of us."

Annie took the beautiful pink, silver, and blue pencil from her teacher. "Thank you, Ms. Paige."

She couldn't wait to show it to her dad.

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