Ross Collects Fast Offerings (10+)

What happens when Ross collects fast offerings during the Depression?


1. Ross Collects Fast Offerings

"Don't forget to wear your mittens, Ross," Mom called.

Ron was so excited to collect fast offerings that he had forgotten to put on his mittens. He could hardly believe he was finally a deacon. He knew that one of his duties would be to collect fast offerings. And today was fast Sunday. Ross hurried back inside, slipped his thick wool mittens on his hands, and rushed out the door.

Outside, Ross was met by bright sunshine and a cold breeze. He jumped down the front steps into the snow. Ross loved the way the world looked after a snowstorm. The sunshine and snow almost made him forget about the troubles his neighbors were facing. He had heard adults talking about the Depression. He didn't really understand what that meant, but he did know that some of his friends' dads had lost their jobs. The bishop had taught him that the fast offerings he collected would be used to buy food for those in need and to pay for coal to keep their houses warm.

Ross joined his friend Tom, and they set off.

At the first home, a woman answered the door. "I'm sorry, boys. My husband lost his job, and we don't have any money to give."

At home after home they got the same answer, but at the Hansen home Sister Hansen invited the young men inside. She placed two dimes and a nickel into Ross's hand. "We feel so blessed that Brother Hansen still has his job. I'm sure someone could use this money."

As they left, Ross opened his hand and looked happily at the three silver coins. He dropped them into his pocket. After stopping at a few more houses, Ross hurried home.

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