Truth or Dare

On a short break in their tour bus, Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Louis decide to play a game, one that could go wrong very easily - truth or dare. Soon, it's Niall's turn and he chooses dare. As a joke, the boys dare him to ask out a girl during their next concert. Nothing but innocent fun right? Think again.

[sort of a flashback fanfiction -- this takes place during their Take Me Home tour]
{short chapters}


2. I Love One Direction More Than Nandos

~~~Belle’s P.O.V~~~
“Belle Winters! You look fine!! Get out of the bathroom already or we’re gonna be late for the One Direction concert!!” my best friend, Reese, shouted from my bedroom.
It was finally time. I had been counting down the days until tonight since I got the tickets. Front row, a little to the right hand side, but not too far. I was not lucky enough to score backstage passes like I had been dreaming, but front row was close enough. I can wave my poster, dance, sing along, and admire the five boys all night long with Reese.
“Okay, okay!! I’m coming!”
I opened the door to Reese sitting in my white, fluffy beanbag, filing her already perfect nails. Reese was one of those girls you look at and automatically think, wow she’s gorgeous. Her long blonde hair was straight, smooth, and shiny. She had wide, brown eyes and her make-up (not that she needed any) was always flawless. She also had the body most girls would die for; skinny, size 00, and could fit into anything. Reese could’ve been the popular girl at school, but she chose to hang out with me instead, claiming she hated the whole “I’m better than you and I know it”. I’m not too bad looking myself. I guess I’m sort of average, maybe a little prettier but not by much. I have slightly wavy, chocolate brown hair and dark green eyes. I’m fairly skinny, somewhere between around a 1 and 2, and normally wear just natural make up. Tonight though, we were both getting dressed up. I had on a short dress that had a bow on the chest and a flowy blue bottom. I had paired it with black and white polka dot wedges that were pretty high but super cute. Reese was wearing a short, tight light pink sequin covered dress and tall, bronze sequined heels.
“Finally!!!!” Reese shouted when I walked out. “What took you so long?!”
“Well I have to look perfect. We’re in the front row. The boys will be able to see us throughout the whole concert!”
“You have a I look okay for my beautiful future husband, Louis?”
“Gorgeous dah-ling!” I said in a fake British accent, laughing. “You do know he’s taken though still right?”
“Of course! That won’t stop me though. You look great too. I love that dress on you.”
“Thanks. Limo time?”
“I think so,” Reese replied, smiling.
We tore down the stairs, yelling quick goodbyes to my parents and threw open the front door. There, sitting in front of us was the sparkling, black stretch limo that would drive us to the concert. My dad had surprised me earlier that morning by telling me the company owed him a favour and he had rented it for us as a special treat tonight. I loved my dad’s driver. He wasn’t even really my dad’s, but the company always assigned him to us when my dad rented it for work, which was actually quite a lot.
“Ready for the concert girls?” the driver asked, smiling.
“YES!!!!!!!” we shouted at the same time.
“Okay, well, you know the drill. Do whatever you want with the music, soda, and lights, but no alcohol and no rolling down the divider unless you need something important from me.”
The whole ride there we blasted our favourite, upbeat songs by them, including Another World, Best Song Ever, She’s Not Afraid, and Up All Night. We drank all of the Sprite and ate all the Red Vines, until we were on a total sugar high, trying to stand up and dance, but ending up falling over whenever it hit a bump in the road.
Finally, the divider rolled down and the driver told us the two magic words, “We’re here.”
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” we screamed, jumping up and down.
I grabbed my poster, took Reese’s hand, and started running towards the famous Staples Center. Running in heels at our speed, no matter how high, is no easy task, let me tell you. When we got to the entrance door we were put through metal detectors and asked to see our tickets. Noticing we were in section 2 (1, 2, and 3 are the front most sections), they stuck thin, rubber red bracelets on our wrists that said, “1D TMH 2013,” and a random number. We looked at each other. This was odd; I had never heard of them handing our bracelets before. Deciding it was nothing, we walked through the stadium and located our seats. Soon, the opening video began playing. We screamed and I started waving my poster that simply said, “I love One Direction more than Nandos!!” all in giant letters, surrounded by hearts. I figured the best way to get their attention was with something commonly known by their fans, Nandos. I had only eaten it once during a layover in Washington D.C. with my family, but it was amazing and since then I have been petitioning for one to open in So-Cal. After the video was over, the beginning notes of Up All Night began playing and we jumped out of our seats, danced and singing at the top of our lungs. By the time they were singing Last First Kiss, my throat hurt and I was happy to sit down and take a breath. 


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