Truth or Dare

On a short break in their tour bus, Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Louis decide to play a game, one that could go wrong very easily - truth or dare. Soon, it's Niall's turn and he chooses dare. As a joke, the boys dare him to ask out a girl during their next concert. Nothing but innocent fun right? Think again.

[sort of a flashback fanfiction -- this takes place during their Take Me Home tour]
{short chapters}


8. Food to the Rescue!

~~~ Belle’s P.O.V ~~~


Reese and I sat on the couch, not believing our eyes. All five of our idols were in the same room with us!! We tried not to fangirl too much, but it was really hard not to scream when they were literally five feet away. We could tell they were in trouble for something and my guess was that none of the crew knew they were going to bring us back here.

Nudging Reese I whispered, “Think we’re gonna get kicked out?”

“No, Louis saved us. They obviously want us here for some reason. Now shut up so we can listen.”

“Reese! That’s technically eavesdropping.”

“Belle!” she mimicked my tone of voice. “When are we ever going to get the chance to eavesdrop on One Direction again?!”

“Fiiine. I guess it won’t hurt.”

Trying not to make it obvious we were listening, we pulled out our phones and pretended to be scrolling through the latest update of a fanfic we were both in love with. It sucked though, because we couldn’t really pick up what they were saying, only certain words like “lost” and “date.”

Confused, I finally gave up and turned to Reese, “This is pointless.”

“Yeah, but at least we’re in their dressing room.”

Soon, we heard the boys saying goodbye to Lou and walking over towards us, smiling. They seemed like such normal guys, even though we had only barely talked to Niall and Louis.

“Hello ladies and welcome to our home!” Harry shouted, laughing.

I didn’t trust myself to say anything without screaming, so I left the conversation up to Reese. However, for the first time since I had known her, she didn’t say a word. I guess she was trying not to have a massive fangirl attack in front of them.

“Did I do something wrong? Why aren’t they saying anything?” Harry stuck out his lip, pretending to be sad, and asked Louis.

“I don’t know. They were talking earlier. Maybe your charm just isn’t working,” Louis laughed.

Finally I spoke up, “No, um, to be honest I just don’t want to start screaming in front of you all cuz I know you hate it but this is a dream come true and all of you are in front of me, talking to me, and I never thought this would happen and we’re in your dressing room and it’s all just so much to take in and--”

“Breathe, love. It’s okay. You’re doing better than a lot of girls we meet. Just pretend we’re the boys who go to your school,” Zayn sat down next to Reese.

“Ew gross no,” Reese scrunched up her face, laughing. “There is no possible way to do that. You are way too nice and way too attractive.”

            “She’s right. We are pretty amazing,” Louis said jumping up and laying on the top part of the couch.

            Before we knew it they were surrounding us all in different positions on the floor or couch. I started to feel more comfortable, like they were more than just global superstars who won awards and were on a world tour.

            “So, if you don’t mind me asking, why are we here?” I asked.

            “I think Niall can explain this one,” Liam winked at me.

            “Oh, well, um…” Niall looked down, a hint of a smile forming.

            Checking his phone, Liam looked up and said, “Hold on, I just got a text Caroline. She needs Harry, Louis, Zayn, and I to come down and get measured for the jackets tomorrow. Apparently a bag was left behind at the last venue and they had the jackets and measurements. They won’t be able to get it to us for another couple of days so she needs to redo them. She requests we come down as soon as possible. Sorry girls but we have to go. Niall will take care of you.”

            “Wait why doesn’t Niall need to go?” Louis whined.

            “His were found in a different bag. Something about how he needed food so she threw them in the first bag she saw instead of with the others.”

            “Food to the rescue!” Niall laughed, striking a superman pose.

            “Wait, can I come?” Reese asked. “I want to be in fashion design when I grow up.”

            I rolled my eyes. Leave it to Reese to ask for more special treatment.

            “Why not? I’m sure Caroline wouldn’t mind. Just don’t move anything. She hates when stuff gets misplaced and that’s why she’s freaking out,” Zayn helped her up off the couch.

            “See you later Belle!” she shouted and she ran off with the four of them.

            “See ya?” I shouted after her, confused as to what just happened.

            “So, um, I guess it’s just you and me now,” Niall smiled.

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