Truth or Dare

On a short break in their tour bus, Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Louis decide to play a game, one that could go wrong very easily - truth or dare. Soon, it's Niall's turn and he chooses dare. As a joke, the boys dare him to ask out a girl during their next concert. Nothing but innocent fun right? Think again.

[sort of a flashback fanfiction -- this takes place during their Take Me Home tour]
{short chapters}


9. 21 Questions

~~~ Niall’s P.O.V ~~~


Belle looked around nervously. I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable and I’m sure it had been a strange night. I mean, it’s probably not every day that she wins a backstage pass, gets lost then kidnapped by a band member, and has her friend run off leaving her alone with a celebrity. It’s funny. I don’t even think of myself as a celebrity most of the time. Sure, I’m constantly reminded by the mobs and fan girls and paparazzi, but I still feel like that we’re just five normal lads.

“Uh, so what do you wanna do?” she asked, looking down at her hands.

“Whatever you want to do,” I grinned.

“Could I maybe look around? I mean, if that’s okay with you of course. I don’t want to intrude. I could just go find Reese if that’s better. To be honest, I thought we were just going to get a quick photo and autograph. I never expected this. Do you do this every concert? Would you rather we leave?”

“Of course you can look around. We have nothing to hide. And to answer your questions, no this is the first time we’ve done this and no, please stay. You two girls are lovely.”

“Well,” she said, getting up, smiling a little. “Okay…and thanks.”

I watched her walk around the dressing room. I could tell she was super excited to be here, but she was too shy to show it. I laughed softly to myself. She didn’t seem shy at the concert. Maybe it was only around people she didn’t know as well. It was a nice change from the non-top screaming in our faces. I know many girls who would be totally trying to take advantage of the situation, but she just seemed grateful to be here. She picked up the photo Lou doing Harry’s hair at the last concert and smiled. It was funny. Normally I have to be doing something, but I enjoyed just sitting there. She was different in a perfect sort of way, she just didn’t know it. You’d think that we’d all be super confident around girls, but she made me kind of scared. What if I asked her and she said no? Would she think it weird that I was asking her out, even though I had just met her? Did she like one of the other boys better?      “Hey, so random question, but why do you have cardboard cut outs of yourselves?” Belle asked, turning to me, laughing.

“Oh those,” I rolled my eyes. “Louis thought it would be funny to place them around peeking out from behind corners and see who thought it was actually us.”

“Of course he did. Do you mind if I take off my shoes by the way? These things are kind of killing my feet.”

“No problem love. I don’t know how you’ve lasted so long to be honest.”

“Practice,” she shrugged her shoulders and smiled.

Sitting on one side of the couch, I patted the other and said, “I have an idea. Why don’t we play 21 questions?”

“Okay,” she kicked off her shoes and sat down. “You first though.”

            “Sounds fair. Let’s see, how long have you and Reese known each other?”

            “Practically forever. We became friends in second grade after we were sent to the principal’s office for having a food fight with these three boys who were teasing us. My turn. What’s your favorite color?”

            I laughed, “That’s a creative question. It’s green but I also like blue. I’m guessing you knew that though. So, what’s yours?”

            “I did know that. Gotta start you off easy though,” she grinned. “Mine is pink. Who was your first kiss?”

            “Actually, she was a French foreign exchange student who was staying at my friend’s house. How old are you?”

            “I’m turned eighteen two months ago. I graduate in two weeks actually. This was Reese and I’s present to ourselves for surviving high school. How do you keep in touch with family?”

            “It’s hard. Normally I Skype them from the tour bus, but sometimes I’ll get to fly back home, or they’re able to come to a concert. I miss them a lot. It’s weird that I left for the X Factor and since then we’ve barely seen each other. So what do you plan on doing after high school?”

            “To be honest, I’m not sure. I want to travel to the world. My dad said he’d let me take a year off and he’ll still cover all my expenses, but after that if I want his money, I have to either have a successful job or go to college. It would be a dream to visit all seven continents. Hmmm…random question time. What is your shoe size?”

            “That’s really cool actually. But haha okay, I’m a size eight. Random question back to you now. If you could be any character in a book, who would you be?”

            “That’s a tough one. Probably Hermione from Harry Potter. It would be awesome to have magical powers. If you could be any animal, who would you be?”

            “A giraffe, so I could be taller. If you could be best friends with a movie character, who would it be?”

            “Definitely Katniss. I wouldn’t want to live in her world, but she seems like she cares about all her friends and she’s just pretty chill and cool. What’s your favorite movie?”

            “I love Grease. Favorite drink?”

            “A Shirley Temple. Favorite food?”

            “Nandos or pizza, but judging by your sign you knew that one too. Single or taken?”

            “Uh, well…” she looked down, the smile fading from her face.

            I instantly felt bad.

            “You don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to. Here, what’s your favorite--”

            “No, it’s okay, I’m single as of two weeks ago. My last boyfriend was…well…he wasn’t the nicest person let’s just say.”

            “I’m sorry to hear that. Nobody, and I mean nobody, should ever treat you badly,” I gave her a hug.

            “Thanks,” she smiled, then smirked. “So how bout you Mr. Horan…single or taken? I know there are loads of fangirls out there wanting to know.”

            “Very funny and I am single for your information. What’s your favorite kind of cake?”

            “Red velvet cupcakes from Sprinkles. They have the best frosting. Are you right or left handed?”

            “I am one of the very rare, very special, left handed people. What about you?”

            She laughed, “Well then I am one of the very normal, very common right handed population. What is your favorite cologne?”

            “Normally I wear Armani Mania. I hear it’s actually pretty popular here in the States. What--”

            “Wait. You have question twenty one. That means you have to make it a good one. Choose wisely my grasshopper,” she smiled at me.

            “But that’s twenty one total, I thought it was twenty one each…”

            “I play things differently,” she stuck her tongue out. “Besides, now you have the task of thinking up the best question for me. Ask away.”

            Thinking for a moment I scooted closer and took her hand. She looked down, slightly confused, probably wondering what I was doing.

            “Okay, I have the perfect question for you Belle. Will you go out on a date with me?”

            A look of shock flashed across her face. She tried to hide it, but I could tell it was hard.

            “Wait, wait, wait…what?! Is this a joke or are you being serious?”

            “I am completely serious. I told you I had the best question. But look, if you don’t want to that’s okay. I mean, I just thought maybe…I guess I shouldn’t have but I’m serious. You’re beautiful and nice and sweet and funny and I don’t really know why you’d want to go out with me. I know a lot of girls do, but you’re different…in a good way. It’s just, will you?” I looked up at her, hoping she would say yes.

            “Shhh. It’s okay. I’d love to. In fact, it’s kind of a dream come true.”

            I smiled. The boys wouldn’t believe I actually did it. Not to mention, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Belle was perfect. I just hoped I could be perfect enough for her too. 


{ a/n: ahhhh he finally asked her out!!!!!!!!!!! what do you guys think? :) }

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