* Bullied * Friends * Relationships *

I start off slow, I introduce myself to the man on the other side.
I’m told that I have to obey his commands. He’ll make me suicide
My head thuds from frustration with this man doing this to me.
Why must he use me? Why must he take me away from me?
If I was to close the chat-box, I’d be fine. But I didn’t.
Curiosity got the better of me. I looked up the world in the dictionary.


2. [The Victim] Distance

He was no longer on the other side.

I finally had him away from that.

I managed to get him outside.

His tall body stood tall.

I stood as if I were small.

He looked at me quite violently.

As I rounded up a snowball and threw it at his face.

What a clever space. What a clever face.

Never heard that before. But it must’ve meant something.

There was no screen keeping us away from each other.

For all I know, he could be my old sick brother.

But his not. He turns out to be a bully. Not an ex, and not my lover.

He is nothing but a bother to me.

I guess… I should force myself to be me.

Then again, what would that prove?

Nothing at all. I’d be here by his side.

As he uses me. Controls me. Holds me.

Before I can guess. He’ll have me by the chest.

No need to rest. I’d be next. He’d destroy me.

Bury me. Leave me where nobody can see me.

I’d be up in the grounds, and down to Earth.

He’d smile with his little sly grin.

That’s when he’d laugh and say that he did win.

He managed to beat me up. He managed to hurt me.

I can’t let that happen if he wants to just burn me.

Kill me. Hurt me. What difference does it make?

Soon, I’ll be away from him. He’ll be away from me.

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