Destiny Until The End (Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

A part of me will always be you and a part of you will always be me. No matter what happens ,that much is certain our souls are one until life closes the curtain. I will love your forever, For worse or for better, You are tattooed in my heart, And nothing can tear our souls apart.

I will never forget you
For my love is honest and true.

© Silke Wettergren


5. Chapter 4

We struggle to have meaning in this world which we all know we try but yet we wonder where we all should go hidden in the questions, which we can not find the answers are all hidden deep inside our minds hidden in our soul is the life we try to hide, but in time it will find you. Tiffany Franklin

Tiffany Pov

-Recap: I guess I can tell the lads about my secret tomorrow if they don't have a concert.-

I am still up from the night from the night I can't sleep worrying what will my brother reaction will be, angry, sad, pity, or scared? What about the lads even Louis will they the same reaction like Harry's?

I don't know why I hide from Harry all these yours, just because that I was afraid that he will leave like my real dad. I hope not!

I slowly got up out of bed walking to the kitchen getting the milk and the Oreo cookies out slowly eating and thinking as the same time. I heard a thump and feets walking to the kitchen and it was Liam.

"Hey, Tiffany what are you doing up?"

"I should ask you the same thing," I said sassily he chuckle walking to the refrigerated getting milk out sitting next to me.

"Can't sleep you?" He simple it and I nodded.

"Same!" He nodded.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"I don't know just thinking to hard about what going to happen tomorrow," I said crunching my nose.

"Why you say that," he asked again.

"Well I can't tell you, Niall, Zayn, Louis, and my brother," I said," you have to wait about tomorrow, but can you promising me this?"

He raised his eyebrows and slowly nodded.

"If something bad happen to me, tell Louis that I love him and to please move on, Tell Harry that he is the greatest brother in the world tell him that everyday, Tell mum that I wouldn't have better mum than she was my everything, Tell Robin thanks for the replacement for my real dad, tell Gemma and her husband that I am glad that they got married I would have been the maid of honor," I laughed," and tell the Niall, Zayn, and you thanks for being a good best friend that I alway remember."

I slowly saying speech my family and friends really means to me, they looked after me, love me, care for me, got faith with hope to me. I never forget that!

He looked sadly I wondering that he figured it out, I seeing Liam pulling my a hug crying softly.

"Did you have cancer, Tiffany." I nodded slowly on his shoulder he gave a hug full tight.

"Liam don't cry because I am strong and ready for my ending," I said bravely.

"I promise," he said I nodded.

"We should get back to sleep they have an announcement to listen to tomorrow." I nodded walking to my bunk slowly sleeping peacefully.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

In the morning, I heard laughter and messing around I guess the boys are up. I slipped out the bunk walked to the kitchen seeing Harry cooking Louis arm wrestling with Zayn and Liam getting in a conservation with Niall.

Then Harry saw me standing there he smiled softly," Morning Tiffany! Breakfast will be done in the min." I nodded taking seat by Liam, he smiled me and I smiled back.

"Here you go." Harry gave a plate fill with pancakes, bacon, and eggs.

"Thank you, Harry!" I smiled eating this delicious breakfast, I really missed his cooking. He nodded passing the rest to the lads and himself.

We were joking around, telling stories, and embarrassing moments it was a good time when Liam nudging me that I should came out the secret.

I nodded slowly,"Guys, I got to tell you something that I am picking this from you please don't get mad at me please don't." They nodded and Harry was getting worried.

I took a deep breath and said," I have cancer." Quietly I saw the confused on their faces I guess it loud enough.

"Can you said that again Tiffany," Zayn said.

"I have cancer," I said bravely until Zayn and Niall were shocked but not Liam, I can see the hurt and sadness in Louis eyes and face and Harry chocked


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