Suicide Room

This is my story that I never told to anyone.
I am depressed I am lonely and I my life is fucked up.
I need help but no one want help me.
Do you wanna be my saviour?


1. who I am?

You don't need to know my name. You just need to know my story.

I was born 31st of August 1998 in Poland.

That was a hot day. Last day of summer holidays. I have one older sister and three younger bothers.

My sister was always treat better by others than I was. I am always this ugly one,this less talented and this one who is not smart enough.

Everyone loves my sister.She has lots of friends but I don't have any.Yes I am sad that's why I am listening to Justin Bieber he give me a hope and when I cutting myself I always see his sad face and I think "What the hell I am doing?" But it's too late.

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