The story of a kidnapped girl.


2. Two

      The ride in Harry’s black Range Rover is silent. I steale some glances at him every now and then, just to find him full of concentration on the road, tight grip cupping the wheel. I enjoy the sights from my small window . The city I am watching seems new to me. That’s when I decide to break the heavy silence :

“Where are we ?” I ask nervously.

“You mean the city ?” he replies without looking at me

I nod humming a yes.

“London.” He says, still focusing on the road.

My mind races. I remember being a student in Manchester.

“You moved here recently to enter Oxford University” he begins as if he read my thoughts “you want to study Psychology.”

“Oh...” I manage to say, trying to process what I’ve been told.

There is a moment of silence before Harry speaks again, looking to me this time :

“We’re going to my flat, the doctors said you should be well cared for.”

So we didn’t move together.

I can’t live with Harry. I don’t know him enough.

“Where do I live ?” I question him.

“Ummh... you have an appartment two blocks away from your college.” His voice gradually turning into a whisper.

Half of an hour later, Harry stops his engine in front of a big beautiful villa. I didn’t believe it is his home until he opened the door and let me in.

The house is huge. I am welcomed by a chic living room where classic melts into modern. A mix of dark red colour and black one dye the walls as three large fashionable couchs are placed perfectly in the middle, around a black wooden coffe table. A big television decorates the room.

“Is this your defintion of flat ?” I sarcastically comment.

He smiles and says :

“I’ll show you the house.”

I am so overwelmed by the villa’s decoration style. Each piece has its particular one.After discovering most of them, Harry opens a door that laids us to a big room. Posters of Rock bands cover its four golden painted walls. A guitar is sat in the corner , in the opposite direction of a king size bed. Everything is normal, clean and strangely tidied for a guy. My eyes go back to the bed as million thoughts drown my brain.  I should look stupid scanning Harry’s room like an investigator.

“Do you want something to drink or eat ?” he offers gently.

“I’m fine. Thanks.”

Dark curls are pushed back whilst he walks me to the living room again. I’m still confused about this whole thing. My decision assumes it’s time to clear somethings.

“Harry ?” I almost whispers as he sits beside me on the couch.

He looks down in my direction, waiting for me to talk.

“T...Tell me about yourself.” I states, unsure of his reaction.

His eyes dart around the place for a moment before making contact with mine again . Pink healthy lips dart slightly, preparing to say something, when a ring tone echoes in the room.

Harry immediatly stands up, leaving me alone and anxious. I watch him pulling out his phone from his back pocket. Some inaudiable words were whimpered making me wondering about his caller. He locks himself in the kitchen, preventing me from hearing anything. Oh...

I take advantage of Harry’s abscence to figure out what my life has been up to. My decision falls on trying to interact with Harry. Maybe I’ll remember something.

I am soon pulled out of my thoughts when Harry comes back to the living room, an annoyed expression can be seen on his face. I watch him makes his way beside me and speakes :

“I really have to go Onnie. Something is up with them I guess. I’ll be back soon, call me if you need anything. My number is already inserted in your phone.”

Whereupon, he leaves witout uttering any other word.




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