The story of a kidnapped girl.


6. Six

      The annoying birds tweets pull me forcefully from my sleep. My eyes lazily open. I think I’m not a morning person. I’ll ask Harry if I’ve been like that before too or it is just now. Talking about Harry, he’s not anywhere in sight . How much I hate how he just leaves like I don’t exsist to him. Last night was so magical, peaceful and beautiful. It was the first time he and I hold each other, want each other... I’m really confused, now I feel like his presence is something important to me. I didn’t think I’ll get used to Harry so easily when I knew he’s my boyfriend. I mean we don’t even act like couples and our lips never met before. I stretch and get out of the bed, heading downstairs. I can’t help but smile when I find the guy I held in my arms hours ago sitting on one of the many chairs in the kitchen.

*“Good morning” I greet cheerfully.

“Morning.” He mumbles in brief.

What ?!

“Umh ... what do you want for breakfast ? ”I try to extand the conversation.

“I ate.”

Oh c’mon.

“O-okay. ” I say, really disappointed.

I thought things have changed between us after last night. He can’t act like nothing happened. I was wrong when I believed he wants me like I do. I feel totally abashed for hoping that.

“Harry ? ” I speak when he was about to leave the room.

His head turns , giving me a not-so-pleased look.

“Today is my first day of University. ”

He sounds concerned for a moment as he narrows his eyes, gazing me.



      I walk inside the Oxford Campus. It’s a really beautiful place for studying. The corridors are adorned by large green areas. A touch of antiquity and holiness makes this University something special. I am so happy to be here. As I enter one of the big halls, assuming it is my first class, I can hear the sudden hubbub my presence makes. My ears are able to catch the remarks students say about me. I walk calmly to a seat in the second row. My focus is completely on the professor when something touchs my shoulder. I turn my head to the right, discovering a cute handsome blond guy smiling at me.

“Hi” he salutes.

“Hey” I greet back.

“Niall.” He introduces in a thick Irish accent.

“I’m Onnie. Glad to meet you.” I smile.

“Nice to meet you too.”

We talk for a few minutes, getting to know each other. Niall’s a pretty funny guy. He’s actually making me forget about the lesson and the professor. Everything’s alright, until the curious boy deepens the conversation and starts to ask very personal stuff, something Harry hasn’t bless me with.

“You don’t seem like you’re from here, Onnie” he notes.

“I’m Tunisian actually.” I inform him.

“You’ve got a sexy Arabic accent on you.” He smirks.

“I find it weird and embarassing though ...” I admit, flashing at what he said.

“No it is not ! Dosen’t your boyfriend tell you it is hot ? What’s his name again ? Henry ?” he utters.

“Harry.” I correct. “And you’re Irish right ?”

“Took you so long to guess.” He laughs which leds me to giggle too.

“What about having lunch together ?” Niall suggests.

“I...” I think of Harry for a moment, he promised he’ll pick me up and told me to call him when I finish classes so I’ve got time to hang around with Niall. “Of course.”

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