Live love survive

It's been two years since the zombie apocalypse started. We would see them on the news but we didn't believe it. It wasn't that bad. Then these rotting monster things started to appear. They were eating people. Sofia will survive this outbreak. Won't she?


3. The Herd

I stood on the rv and saw a bunch of walkers. Daddy there was a herd of walkers! I said very fast. There is about 15 of them. That's when we heard them we all got under the cars. Alexa, Jess and my dad were under the rv. Me, my mom, Liv and Melody were under a mini van. A put ear buds in Melody's ears so she won't hear them. I couldn't hear them or see them any more so we got up. I looked in one of the trucks nearby an found something that looked like it had vending machine food. We grabbed two boxes of Gatorade, one box of beef jerky one box if vitamins 3 gallons of water, two boxes of chips and a bunch of baby food. On our way back I found a strap on baby carrier for Melody. Poor baby I said. Melody just started to wake up. Aww. Aren't you a pretty baby cutie! I cooed. Heidi! I heard Jess scream. I rush over to her. What's wrong is it bad? I asked. Where's Heidi? Jess said almost in tears. Oh yeah I forgot about that I said. I hid her under your seat when we went outside. I said. We checked under the seat and she was sleeping. Thank god Jess said. It's time to leave my dad said. We got in the car and were on our way. We have really weird sleeping arrangements in our car. At night we stop and put a gigantic sheet over our car which has walker blood and guts and other gross dead stuff and these things on the windows where you can't see in but we can see out. I have been taking care of Melody the most so she sleeps on my lap she doesn't get cold. So this is our life I guess.

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