The Runaway Bride

Taylor had the perfect life. She had a finance, she had a lovely house, a great job being a teaching assistant in the local elementary school. But somehow she still whole, she gave up on her hopes of being a singer. When she meets an budding musician named Darren Criss, he helps her to believe in herself and to peruse her dreams. She finds herself falling in love with Darren and torn between what is right and wrong.

Will she realise that Darren is the one for her?


2. The Audition

I walked up to the stage, the bright lights shone in my face, the audience whispered amongst themselves. As I began playing my acoustic guitar, my mind went blank, the strings snapped, I dropped my pick, as I tried picking it up I knocked over the microphone.

Everyone laughed at my misfortune and began booing me, "Get off the stage!"
"What an loser!" They yelled.

I looked round to see Abigail with an disappointed expression, "Taylor, what happened?"
"You should come home, you don't belong here." Russel called from the enterance of the club.

Darren nudged me, "Let me take over, I actually know what I'm doing."

Russell grabed my hand dragging me away towards the exit "No give me one more chance! Please-"
Everyone began cheering and dancing to Darren as he played his guitar, Russell shook his head, "Come on, we have a wedding to plan!"

"No wait I-"

The doors slammed shut behind me and I found myself in a church. Then in a hospital holding two babies, to watching my kids grow up and I am growing old.

"What about my dreams?" I asked in disbelief.

"This is what you wanted isn't it?" An old Russel smiled.

"NO!" I screamed, "It's what you want!"

Suddenly the place turned to glass and smashed, I found myself falling into darknesss. Trying to grab onto something or someone.

"Taylor.." A familiar voice said softly.


I awoke in an sweat, Darren's face looking down at me. I gasped, realising where I was. It was the day of my audition, I had forgotten that I had no sleep last night practicing at Abigail's and she drove me to the club. I was sat waiting for Darren to arrive and I must have fallen asleep!

"Are you okay?"

I nodded giving a thin smile, "Yeah now I am, sorry I'm just nervous."
"It's just me, it's fine. You got everything prepared?"
I stood up and grabbed my guitar, I stopped before standing on the stage, taking a deep breath and approached the microphone, adjusting my guitar strap.

"This is a song I wrote, well quite a while ago, it's called Love story."

I began singing and I didn't dare look up, as finished the song, my eyes caught Darren's face, as if he was spellbound.

"We were both young when I first saw you."

Darren bolted to his feet and clapped, I let out an small laugh, he rushed towards me, "Amazing, when dd you write that song?"
"It was towards the end of high school." I shrugged, not expecting his reaction.

He seemed to look like a delighted puppy, he bounced on the spot, "This brilliant, we can do duets and collab on songs!"

I raised an eyebrow, "So is that a yes?"
He blinked in confusion "Yes to what?"
"The reason why I'm here, you know to audition for a spot to perform here?" I reminded him.
"Oh yeah of course."

I hopped off stage, "Cool, when and where?"
"Usually a gig every saturday, at 7pm. That's the popular slot, that's when I also perform." He smiled.

I packed up my guitar, "See you then."
He grabbed my arm, "Wait I- I mean, we could always go for a drink, if we are going to be working together, be nice to get to know eachother better."

I nodded, "That makes sense."

I was happy that Darren asked me, I was interested in collabing with him, but it was odd to find myself back in a creative environment. It had been so long.

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