Finding Me With You

Sorry I already made one if these but it got erased and I am re doing it completely! Please read!!! :D

Kennedy Teasdale is Lou Teasdale sister. She graduated a year ago and doesn't know what to do with her life. Trying to find herself is very hard with lots of drama.


4. ch.4

Kennedy's POV

Well when everyone was talking in the airport I decided I would go to Starbucks and get my coffee. I walked up and ordered my Mocha. Then I turned around and met a blonde haired girl with blue eyes. "Uh Hi??" "Oh! Hi! My name is Hannah! What's yours??" "Hi! I am Kennedy! Nice to meet you!" "You too! So. Mocha??" "Yeah. What are you getting??" "Caramel Ribbon Frappe." "You like caramel??" "Totally! Do you??" "No. It's too sweet for me." "Oh. Can I have your phone number?? So we can talk maybe later??" "Of course!" I handed the girl my phone number and walked away saying goodbye.

Louis' POV

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