Being their missing angel



3. Squeeze



"Emma, Luke has a girlfriend. She's like you, her name's Shari. You'd like her alot. Uh, Niall's getting married because he got a broad pregnant. He's a idiot. One Direction has kicked him out, so now it's only Liam, Zayn, Harry and Louis. Niall's broad was one of the groupies that went on their tour bus most nights. Uh, Ashton misses you. I don't know if I should be jealous or not- I mean. I love you, and I know that he does too. I-I'd love to marry you one day. Have your kids, I mean- you'd have my kids. Haha, umm, maybe own a Great Dane- because I know you had one when you were eleven. I knew you loved it so much. 

I remember you used to go everywhere with it. Like, when I was thirteen, and you were eleven. I still thought you were so damn beautiful, uh, I remember Luke and Cal were away at a soccer match, and um, you came over with Dean The Great Dane.

He was massive. Uh, anyway, you asked me if you wanted to go for a walk with you and Dean. I said 'yeah', and we ended up sitting together in a den we made. Dean sat in the sun and we were just talking about ourselves. Then you said 'I'm so ugly. I might aswell die'. I wanted to just kiss you, and tell you that you aren't ugly. Instead. I just said 'yeah me too.' I feel like a dick. 

You remember the day you met Ashton? I hated that day. You were all starry-eyed over him. That's why I wrote Heartbreak Girl. You'd always end up on the phone to me, crying because Ashton had a new girlfriend almost every week. Then you'd just say, 'Thanks for being a friend Mike', boy, can I tell you how much the word 'friend' hurts. 

Then. The things that happened in that hotel room. W-We took each others virginity. Then you called me yours...Oh, how bad I wanted to call you mine. But that wasn't true, was it? You were Ashtons'." He stopped. He sniffed. 


I felt really bad, I felt like I had ruined his life. He had like-liked me since he was thirteen. He remembered my old dog. Dean. Yeah, I remember Dean. He died of a big heart, literally. His heart was too big for his chest and Mum and Dad couldn't risk putting him in pain by just giving him medication, he was coughing up blood. So we had to pay $2,999 to get him put down. He was the best dog ever. Even when Dean died, Michael was there for me and Luke. Even my parents. Dad was pretty upset. More than he let on. 

Then I just realised things he had admitted. He wanted to marry me, to have children with me. He wanted to own a dog with me. I used all the strengh in my to squeeze my hand. I could see my hand weakly squeeze Michael's. 

"Emma! Luke, Ben, Jack. Come here!" Michael yelled. In ran my three brothers. I stopped squeezing my hand. "Em, squeeze my hand if you can hear me," Mike said. I managed to squeeze my hand. 

"Oh my god. Emma. Please wake up!" Ben whisper-shouted. Jack ran out in the hall screaming 'SHE CAN HEAR US, SHE CAN FUCKING HEAR US' when we were beside the childrens ward. Everybody rushed in. 


Nurses, my parents, Ash, Cal, Mali-Koa, Harry Irwin and Lauren. Also known as Ashton's siblings. "Emma, if you can try to open your eyes," The dark skinned nurse said. Letting Luke take my hand that Michael wasn't holding. 

I flcikered my eyelids and they lifted slightly. They closed again. "My baby," Mum sobbed quietly. 

"I love you, Emma. Please, please wake up," Michael said outloud. My parents, Ben, Jack, Mali-Koa, Lauren and Harry didn't know that he loved me. They looked at him in shock, but quickly looked back at me.

"Think about everything we've been through, are you going to give up on us now? Please, remember the time where we were at the beach, a-and Ben threw a crab at you. But it hit me and I screamed like a girl- then you were crying because you were freaked out?" He chuckled. The others chuckled with a mixture of tears. 


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