Being their missing angel



2. Coma

I watched as Michael held onto my hand, as if I was his oxygen support. Apparently, I was in a major coma. I'd watch Michael's features intently, he needed to sleep. Ashton visited daily, but he was only there for a hour or so. My mum, dad and brothers were in the hospital, visiting me. Ben and Jack were confused. They never knew why I'd do such a thing. Luke and the others never told my family why what had happened, happened. They just said that they didn't know. "You'll make it, Emma. Trust me on that one, you will. We'll stay young forever, screaming at the top of our lungs," He smiled but let tears carelessly fall from his eyes that couldn't decide if they were green, or blue, or both. I was brought back to life by the doctors, via electric shocks. I could feel them rattle my insides, making beats from my heart, pumping blood around my body. 

"Emma, why did you do it? I mean, you could have just told me about it. You remember that night you called me your guy, I went back to the bus, smiling like a idiot. I'm glad I lost my virginity to you, I-I," He stopped there, he was going to continue but Calum walked in. 

His eyes were almost dead. "How is she?" He sniffled. Taking his place by me left side. He looked at me, then to my wrist. 

"She's the same as the past 5 days," Michael looked out the window that had white blinds hanging up. 

Calum nodded before examining Michael's face. It was pale, he has red stains from crying, red puffy eyes and bags drooping down. He still looked perfect though. He had his pink hair messed up fro the amount of times he had ran his left hand through it, his hair was also wet and matted.

 "Michael, you need to go home for a few hours," Calum told him. 

"No. I'm not leaving, Em," 

"Mike," Calum warned. "Do it for Em, she wouldn't want you to be like this, would she?" Calum asked. I knew the answer, I hate to see him like that. 

"No," Michael let out. He stood up before kissing my lips. I felt his lips against mine, I wanted to kiss back. But, I was laying there, my body had it's eyes closed, but I could see. My body was shut down, but I could hear and smell. Michael's stubble tickled my cheek. I wanted to giggle, but I couldn't. "I love you," He whispered. I was shocked, but to be honest, I loved him too. 

"Goodbye," Calum nodded to Michael. 

Michael walked out the door and wiped his eyes with the sleeve of his gray and black sweater. Calum sighed.

"Where did the days go, Emma? I remember when you were 6 I was 8, Luke was 7 and Michael was 8, we all sat in our old den. You know- the one with the big trees and bushes around, I remember, you asked us 'who's your crushes?' You never understood what it meant. We did though. Michael answered with, 'a girl that I can't love', Luke answered with Ms.Kendall and I answered with nobody. The girl that Michael couldn't love was you, he loved you still though. He's tell me that he wanted to marry you, grow up with you. He loves you, Em. He really does," Calum told me, squeezing my hand. 

I knew Michael loved me, I felt it in my bones. 

Calum's phone rang. He groaned, but answered it. "Niall, what do you want?" Calum snared. 

"You're a what?!" Calum almost screamed. "Bad timing, go off with your stupid groupie while Emma, your mates little sister, is almost dead," I could see Calum was angry. I just needed to know why. "Fuck off. I hope you die. Why should I be happy for you? The girl that I grew up with, the girl that YOU used, is laying half dead in front of me. When you've not saw her since the day we thought she was dead. Have fun being a father, dick." Calum hung up and swiped his hand through his ebony hair. 

I knew why he was so angry now...

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