The Nights Rhythm

All around Jian Village, bodies are turning up. Most are dressed in Victorian clothes, some Georgian. Each found in rooms with music from the era playing and a note. ‘Listen to the night’s rhythm before he takes another.’

Cover by WIllow Angel


7. Chapter 7.

Kenny yawned as he opened his eyes and looked around. It seemed that he was the last one on there. He stood up slowly and stretched his body as he reached up to grab his luggage. A hostess walked past him as he walked down the steps. The sunlight was harsh on his skin as he blinked a couple of times for his eyes to adjust. There was a large building with long glass panels overlooking the runway. He narrowed his eyes slightly as he saw the people sat up there watching the planes come and go. There was a shuffle behind him as someone followed him and tapped his shoulder. He turned to them and glanced at the envelope as the passed it him. The pilot smiled at him and turned away. Kenny put his bag on his back and carried on down the steps. He walked towards the building and entered it glad that they had air conditioning on.

            “Now to get out…”

            The airs on the back of his neck stood up as the warm air hit him. His arm flew up as the punch connected with it. There was a chuckle as his bag dropped from his hand giving him the use of the other one.

            “Hmm…” They said, “You’re faster than I thought you’d be…”

            He moved forwards slightly and ducked as the leg swept over his head. His arms shot out as he grabbed hold of it and spun it around to throw him into the wall. He looked around searching for the security members. The feet pounded against the floor causing Kenny to turn back to them. He stumbled back slightly as he avoided the knife narrowly.

            “You don’t have a good attention span though…”

            Kenny moved to the side as they launched another knife attack at him. He grabbed hold of the arm and brought him elbow down on it. There was a crack as they screamed out in pain and the knife clattered against the floor. Then it started. A few people screamed while the rest scampered around like terrified dogs. People moved out in front of him blocking his view. There were more footsteps behind him as a pair of hands grabbed his shoulders forcing him to the floor.

            “Kenny Benkham you are under arrest for…well I’ll decide on that later.”

            Cold clasps tightened around his wrists as they handcuffed him. They pulled him up and forced him through the people towards a small door. They opened it and pushed him in seating him in the chair. There was a small desk with another seat sat there. They reminded him of seats that would be placed in a school dining hall. The door closed, drawing his attention to the male sat down opposite him. The male smiled at him slightly and put his hands together.

            “Sorry about that detective inspector but…the last people who came over to help us ended up dead.”

            “When was this?”
            “Last night.” They told him, “We discovered the bodies last night after a call into our local station.”

            Kenny sighed and sat back slightly.

            “Well that dampers on my holiday plans…” He muttered, “And I still have no idea what I’m actually meant to be doing here…”

            “We can fill you in on that soon but for now you’ll have to excuse me I need to go out for a minute.”
            He stood up, Kenny lifting his arms up slightly. He opened his mouth closing it straight away as they slammed the door shut leaving him there to his own thoughts.

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