The Nights Rhythm

All around Jian Village, bodies are turning up. Most are dressed in Victorian clothes, some Georgian. Each found in rooms with music from the era playing and a note. ‘Listen to the night’s rhythm before he takes another.’

Cover by WIllow Angel


6. Chapter 6.

It was dark in Jian city as the couple walked down the streets. They were muttering sweet things to each other. The male, seeming pleased with himself, smiled as he watched the female blush slightly. A shadow moved from the corner of their eye, the woman stopping and glancing behind them.

            “What’s wrong love?”

            “Nothing…” She paused, “I just thought that I had seen something…”

            The male chuckled lightly and pulled her close. He nuzzled her neck and kissed her before walking again.

            “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you from the monsters.”

            He winked at her earning a playful smile from her.

            “Oh please do! I don’t want to be eaten just yet!”

            They carried on walking for a bit before they stopped outside of the tall building. It looked run down on the outside but as they walked through the door it changed into a palace-like building. The interior had white walls with a long hallway. At the end of the hallway was a small puddle of red liquid.

            “Bloody hell. Misashi? Misashi are you in there?! I thought I told you to stop throwing the stupid cranberry juice?!” The male shouted, “I hope you’re going to clean that up!”

            A silence echoed through the building as the male hung his coat up. He turned to the female and helped her take her coat off as he hung it up for her.

            “Misashi?” She called, “Are you here?”

            She turned to the male and sighed.

            “Leo…do you think that he had another of his fits?”

            Leo shook his head. He thought for a moment and walked forwards.

            “Well, whatever he did we’ll have to clean it up now won’t we?” He paused, “So…Scarlett?”

            She looked over to him and smiled at him.


            “As this is our last…visit before ‘retirement’ do you think we could go abroad somewhere?” He asked, “I was thinking maybe…oh shit!”

            The male stared into the room. It was a large kitchen that was joined to a smaller dining room. There was a breakfast table in the kitchen. His eyes narrowed as he scanned the room there was blood everywhere. He reached behind himself and pulled the gun out from his trousers. His eyes moved to the windows as he took a step in. Both hands gripped the gun handle as his eyes flitted back to the windows. It was silent for a moment before he heard the cough. His attention snapped to the direction of the noise as he hurried around the breakfast table. There was a man lying on the floor. His black hair lay messily across his face as his dark brown eyes slowly glazing over.

            “Masashi?” He started, “What the hell happened?”

            The male opened his mouth before closing it again. He was wearing a white button up top that had a black hole in it. The black liquid, which it seemed was where the blood was coming from, turned into a dark red colour as it faded out a bit. Misashi opened his mouth again as the last bit of colour faded from his eyes.

            “Misashi?” He paused, “Misashi?! Answer me dammit! What happened here?”

            His hand lifted off the floor a little as all fingers but one curled slightly so he could point above. Leo looked up slightly and gasped at the sight on the ceiling. There was a light thud as the hand became limp causing Leo’s attention to return to his friend.


            He shook him a few times.

            He closed his eyes and stood up slowly. His hand tightened on gun as he turned around searching for movement or a clue to tell him how it had happened. The silence surrounded the house before the scream had erupted. He turned on his heels running back to her to see the body on the floor. His eyes welled slightly as he heard the sound of movements up the stairs. He turned and watched the top of the stairs as he ran up there after them. His gun came up from his side to in front of him as he moved around checking each room. There was a sound behind him as he spun back around with his gun.


            It happened instantly. First his gun flew from his hand as he spun. Then his chest and back hurt as he flew back into the wall. Finally his eyes caught a glimpse of the cape as a pain erupted in his body, his nerves lighting as it spread through him. The cape swished as his eyes closed, the figure with the orange eyes smirking at him before clambering out of the window and leaving the scene behind him.

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