The Nights Rhythm

All around Jian Village, bodies are turning up. Most are dressed in Victorian clothes, some Georgian. Each found in rooms with music from the era playing and a note. ‘Listen to the night’s rhythm before he takes another.’

Cover by WIllow Angel


5. Chapter 5.

Kenny settled himself in the chair of the plane and let out a frustrated sigh. He glanced at the others as they all shuffled around putting their luggage into the shelves above the seat. His eyes moved to the top as he scanned along the lines. He closed his eyes and tried to relax as the hidden camera zoomed out a little. The woman glanced at the male stood by her desk.

            “Do you honestly think she’s ready?”

            “She? Or he?”


            “Well…I think Benkham might still have a while to go…but her anyone who crosses her has their work cut out so yeah I think she’s ready.” They paused, “But the actual question is are we ready to move forwards?”

            She nodded and put her hands together propping her head up on top of them. The male turned back to the screen as the camera moved in again. Kenny was sat in his seat trying to get comfortable again as he shifted. The two adults couldn’t help but allow small smirks to climb onto their faces.

            “Do you think he’ll understand when he sees?”

            “Who knows?” He replied, “Now enough for today, we have more pressing manners to discuss.”

            The two turned off the camera feed and exited the room quickly. Kenny, on the other hand, couldn’t stop glancing around. There was something different about the plane that he was sat on. Everything was so carefully planned. The seat beside him dipped slightly as a woman sat beside him. She had bright almost illuminous like green eyes. Her hair was tied into a messy brown ponytail and she had a receptionist uniform on. He smiled to himself and stuck his hand out.

            “Kenny Benkham.”

            She shook his hand and smiled politely at him before taking out a book and reading it. He studied her features for a minute, she had bushy eyebrows and a frown plastered on her mouth.

            “Bad scene in the story?”

            She nodded.

            “Quite.” She replied, “The main character seems to think that she can go out with the wrong person.”

            “Wrong person?”

            “Quite. Mark is a rather arrogant…cock if you like.” She paused, “Thomas on the other hand…he’s the perfect gentleman.”

            “Sounds like a predicament.”

            “If you wish to call it that then you may.”
            “What would you call it?”

            “Stupidity. She picked Mark over Thomas.” She told him bitterly, “She’d better get with Thomas in the end or I’ll sue the author for all their worth.”

            Kenny looked away raising an eyebrow before looking back at her.

            “Sorry, I didn’t catch your name?”

            “Oh…my name is Sandra.”

            He nodded and ran it over in his head.

            “Well it’s nice to meet you Sandra.”

            “Likewise Mr. Benkham.”

            He put his head back and read over her shoulder as the last stragglers settled into their seats. A hostess quickly walked down the aisle making sure everyone was ok before entering the pilot’s cockpit.

            “Good afternoon ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking…”
            Kenny drowned the voice out as he glanced out of the window. It seemed the plane had started to take off as his eyes closed and he went to sleep.

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