The Nights Rhythm

All around Jian Village, bodies are turning up. Most are dressed in Victorian clothes, some Georgian. Each found in rooms with music from the era playing and a note. ‘Listen to the night’s rhythm before he takes another.’

Cover by WIllow Angel


4. Chapter 4.

Detective Inspector Benkham sat there at his desk as he read the letter again and again. He sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. He put the letter back in the folder as looked up as someone knocked on his office.

            “You’re the only one with your own office, you know that right?”

            He chuckled and nodded as he gestured for the female to come in.

            “Ok…so I have all of the Liam Ross files from the archive as you asked – any particular reason why?”

            He shook his head and took the papers off her. She nodded in a knowing manner as he raised an eyebrow at her.

            “Betsy, I promise you that there’s no particular-”

            “Oh my God! It’s a woman isn’t it?” She asked excitedly, “Is she one of those history loving types?”

            “History loving types?”

            “Yeah…you know the one’s whose life revolve around history and history only. I’ve heard that they even-”

            “Betsy. I don’t need to know.”

            She nodded and rolled her eyes. She was a tall women who wore designer clothes with flat shoes. She was the one person who could dive into his personal life and get away with it. He looked down at the paper and started to read as her hand went to the door knob.

            “Kenny Benkham, there is only ONE Betsy.”

            “What’s your point?” He mumbled, “I don’t understand.”

            “It means don’t lie to me because the next assistant who comes to work for you won’t be like me.”

            “Who said I was going to hire a new assistant? I didn’t.”


            Betsy left the room and Kenny looked up from his work. He sighed and picked up the phone as it rang. He spoke down it for a few seconds before heading out of the door. Betsy looked up at him questioningly as he passed her.

            “Got a case. Be back soon.”

            She smiled to herself. Usually when her boss said that it would mean that he was going out to meet some girl. She chuckled to herself and looked back at her computer. Kenny left the building and hurried to the small sleek silver BMW. He pulled the door open and slid in. starting the car up he drove out of the car park and down the street. Stopping the car, around half an hour later, thanks to traffic, he opened the glove box and pulled out the pack of cigarettes and lighter out. He climbed out and slammed the door out. Pulling a cigarette out and putting it into his mouth, he lit it and put the pack and lighter into a pocket. Taking it out he let the smoke come out of his mouth and sighed.

            “Detective Inspector Benkham?”

            Kenny looked towards the officer stood in front of him. He put the cigarette backed into his mouth and nodded at the expectantly.

            “You need to follow me sir.”

            The officer was a male that ranged towards the height of 5 foot 7. He had brown, caramel coloured, eyes. His hair was auburn coloured and had the traditional uniform for officers. The uniform consisted of a light blue coat and trousers. He had a white shirt underneath with black shoes on his feet. He had a blue head on his head. He started to walk off and Kenny put the cigarette on the floor and stomped it out. He then followed the officer into a small shop like building. He pushed the door open and walked in. Stopping in front of a chair he turned back to the officer.

            “So someone’s missing?”

            “Yes sir.” They replied, “They went to the shop and didn’t return.”

            Kenny nodded. He walked around the shop looking for something to help him discover the whereabouts. There was a sound of paper crumpling on the floor. Kenny stopped and looked down at the crumpled piece of paper. He moved his foot and picked the piece of paper up. His eyes scanned the piece of paper and frowned.

            “What the…?” He paused, “Officer?”

            The other officer made his way towards him. He stopped and scanned the letter before staring at him.

            “Yes Sir?”

            “What does this say?”

            The other officer took it off him and read it again. He frowned and passed it back to them.

            “It’s a suicide note sir.”

            Kenny nodded.

            “I’ll take this-”

            “Detective Inspector Benkham?”

            Kenny turned to look at the person who had run up to them. They passed him a phone.

            “This is for you sir.”

            “Thank you.” He paused, “Yes?”

            “Come outside Detective Inspector. There is a present for you.”

             Kenny paused for a moment allowing a silence to come over them. He knew this voice.

             “Detective Inspector?”
             “How will I know what this present looks like?” He asked, “What is it?”

             “You’ll see…”
             The phone hung up and a beeping came down his end. He put the phone away and made his way out of the building. He stood there for a second and scanned the surroundings. What could it possibly be that he was meant to have?

             “Detective Inspector?”
             He turned to be faced with the officer from earlier. They watched him curiously for a moment before he cleared his throat.

             “Is everything ok sir?”

             “Err…yes. Yes.” He said, “Anyway, I’ll just take this back it coincides with a case I’m working on.”

             The other officer nodded and watched as he walked off back to his car. He frowned slightly as he noticed the parcel wrapped in brown paper. He picked it up and turned it over. It was a small rectangular parcel with brown paper wrapped around it and a small tag on it. He lifted up the tag and read it.

             ‘Here’s the present I promised.’

             He opened it slightly and stared at the two plane tickets. He turned them over as he read them.

             “Jian Village…? Why would I need to go there…?”

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