The Nights Rhythm

All around Jian Village, bodies are turning up. Most are dressed in Victorian clothes, some Georgian. Each found in rooms with music from the era playing and a note. ‘Listen to the night’s rhythm before he takes another.’

Cover by WIllow Angel


3. Chapter 3.

“Dear love,

I promise you that I always did, still do and always will love you…I just can’t live like this anymore. I saw him again, at first I thought it was nothing but now I realise that it might be something. I’m afraid of what will happen to you if I don’t do this…I – I can’t tell you how much you all mean to me but I have to go. It was never meant to end like he had said. I see that now.

Do you remember the first time we set our eyes on each other? It was the day our parents had first met. We were at the park. It was a sunny day wasn’t it? Yes, sunny, very sunny…then do you remember our first date? It was winter and cold, very cold, I had to wrap you up so that you could remain I think that you’d had a cold that day and had snuck out to meet me. I’m sure that you’d gotten scolded for it when you’d eventually returned home…

Then do you remember the school dance? We’d danced for what had seemed like hours until Lucas took you away. He’d spoken to me after and had said;

            ‘Liam…you’ve found yourself a keeper.’

Of course I’d not really understood what it had meant before that night. I’m sorry for having caused all this pain. I couldn’t have done worse than I had that night. I keep thinking I can see him around me. His eyes holding the pained expression of the night at the dance.

Do you remember the first joke I’d told you…? Why was six afraid of seven? Seven ate nine. You’d laughed at it for a good five minutes… I k---- ----k---- ------ ------ ----- -a- ---- --at -- --- ----ed --- --- -- --d’n-

            Love always,


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