The Nights Rhythm

All around Jian Village, bodies are turning up. Most are dressed in Victorian clothes, some Georgian. Each found in rooms with music from the era playing and a note. ‘Listen to the night’s rhythm before he takes another.’

Cover by WIllow Angel


1. Chapter 1.

The fire engine sped around the corner, the men hanging on as their grips loosened. The night air was nearing such a high temperature that they all had sweat pouring down their faces.

          “Alright men let’s get this all over and done with!”

          They all cheered loudly as the engine halted immediately.

          “What the- what just happened up there Smiths?!”

          “I don’t know sir!”

         Smiths shouted back as he climbed off the front and looked at it. Smoke was coming out of the front of it, Smiths looked back towards the stout Chief that was staring back with a confused expression. The Chief was of stout build with dirty blonde hair that was a shaggy haircut and dark brown eyes. He was wearing a leather coat and black helmet, his face had turned red.

          “The engine’s blown sir!”

          The Chief’s height went to around the 5 foot 6.


          He turned to the nearest of the men.

         “All you men get behind the vehicle and push.”

         They all groan in unison as he said it.

         “I said, get behind the vehicle!”

         They all groaned again as they climbed out getting behind the vehicle.


         Smiths looked at him.

         “I want you to stay at the front and keep us in the straight direction.”

         Smiths nodded staying at the front, the other men behind the vehicle as they all pushed slowly. The Chief climbed down pushing it with them.


         The Chief looked at the man to his left with black hair and green eyes. Liam Ross was his best friend and second in command.

         “Charlie the call told us that the fire was at the town hall. For crying out loud! It’s the family fun day!”

         “So we get there faster, then!”

         Liam stared at him for a second as Charlie’s eyes filled with fear.

         “Keep your eyes on the road Liam! There are lives at risk here!”

         Liam sighed ordering the men to try to push the vehicle harder. Liam stood at 6 foot and very rarely didn’t understand what Charlie was doing or any body language. This came from there 15 year friendship.

         “Your family are there…”

         It was merely a mutter but sure enough Charlie heard it.

         “Your family…” He coughed pushing harder, putting all his weight against it. They heard the shout to stop as the smoke thickened.

         “Oh my- alright! All men on deck!”

         All men jumped from behind the vehicle.

         “Right, Hicks, Jones and Smiths get on putting the fire out!”

         The men nodded as they all took the pipe Smiths going for the pump.

         “We have to get into the building.”

         Liam looked at Charlie.

         “I’ve spoken while we are getting ready and the top floors are empty although that is where they think that we will need to control it from. Who’s going in first then?”

         Liam stared at him in confusion.

         There was a scream from behind them as a brunette woman around 5 foot ran to them.

         “Charlie!” Charlie looked at her, he paled running off towards the building.

         “Liam! Liam!”

         She shook him as he stared on in horror.

         “It’s Chris and Leanne! They’re still in the building!”

         Tears ran down her face as she watched it register in him. Liam looked towards the building before looking back at her.

          “What do I-?”

          She didn’t manage the rest as he ran into the building. That was the first unexpected occurrence in Jian Village. Six months later Liam Ross committed suicide. Many said it was stress from the night of the fire. Others… decided it was guilt.

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