Ask anyone

Ok with this movella you can ask anyone from cartoon charters to show/movie characters, for example: question:goofy what is you favorite thing to do?. And I will post their answer for example
Well Gally I like to hang out with Micky and play with Pluto heha xoxo Goofy please no dirty questions and sorry if I don't know who that person/character is.P.S don't get annoyed If I spell anything wrong because I have to type ALL of my movellas on my iPod, ANYWHOOO, ask away.


1. Mabel

I asked one of my friends to give me a questions or this and here it is

QUESTION: Dear Mabel how many mythical creature guys have you dated?


Mabel: well ummm I dated a gnome, silly dip thought he was a zombie ooo I also kissed a merman hmm also two vampires 

Dipper: Wait vampires?, I never knew you dated vampires!

Mabel: I don't tell you everything

Waddles: Oink

xoxo Mabel,Dipper,waddles and Zeus 


Dipper: Wait Zeus you didn't say anything!

 Zeus: Well everyone was signing their names sooooo....

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