Every day of my life.

Lucy. The geek. The one who sits in the library because she likes it! the one who is kicked. Shoved. Her food thrown at her. Her glasses snapped. her teeth punched in. Who did this? Why? She is having suicidal thoughts. Will she go through with it?


8. Wednesday ~ Two Weeks Later

"Lucy? Lucy?" 

My eyesight was fuzy, my hearing bad. Yet I could still clearly make out the sound of my name. I couldn't think straight. All I could remember was the crashing of the waves beneath me on the pier, My parents, Brother and that one fateful name

Charlie Stone.

I opened my eyes to be greeted by machines, flashing lights and looks of very worried family. I tried to sit up but I couldn't, I was restrained to the bed I laid on.

"Mum?" I groaned in pain, I felt as if I had been punched many, many times in my left side. Yet I could breathe, speak, talk, eat. The world is strange.

"Darling girl!" My mother screamed. Not helping with my headache at all.

"You've been asleep for weeks my girl. You're mother and I thought you were a gonner! So did the Doc! But they were wrong, for my 'Little Lucy' is still strong right" My Dad was saying, his tall figure reminding me of the man from the training stand in 'Frozen' But that didn't matter now.

"Oh yes! There's a mighty fine lad here to see you girly!" My Father bellowed as Charlie Stone waltzed into my room, holding flowers, chocolates and a sheepish expression.

"Ch-Charlie" I stammered, not believing he was here. The one that had caught me many times from death (when I was wearing my pyjamas mostly) The one who tried to tell me I was getting algebraic expressions wrong (idiot) The one who watched as 'They' kicked me, Punched me, Obliterated me in a classroom corner. Him.

"Well, Um, We'll be back soon love" My mother smiled, pulling my Father out of the room.

"What are you doing here, Charlie Stone" I scowled at him, still in pain - but not letting him see that.

"Seeing you Lucy, and it's just Charlie" He murmured, blushing. I didn't care

"Get out" I said, not caring slightly 


"NO GET OUT!" I screamed, sending my machines crazy. The Doctor ran in and upped my morphine level and put me to sleep.

"I'll leave these for you, I love you Lucy, Lucy Whitehead"

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