Every day of my life.

Lucy. The geek. The one who sits in the library because she likes it! the one who is kicked. Shoved. Her food thrown at her. Her glasses snapped. her teeth punched in. Who did this? Why? She is having suicidal thoughts. Will she go through with it?


4. Thursday.

I walked into school to see Toby and Harry emptying the contents of my locker onto the floor then slamming my locker closed. as they did I say 'mystery man' on the other side. He was cute i had to admit but he would never make friends with me i mean; he's with harry and toby and dom (once he gets out of juvie) and i would never be able to go anywhere near them without getting my brace pulled out of my mouth again. I peered round the corner to see 'mystery man' still there. he saw me and i ran round the corner to class.I was looking forward He walked in at the bell went at sat next to me.

"Hey Lucy" he said to me

"H-Hi.." I managed to stammer

"I'm Charlie Stone" he said and held his hand out to shake mine

"Nice to meet you.." I shook his hand and the teacher walked in...




Lunch. just the thought of it brings me to shivers. I ran out of fourth period to my favorite spot. into the wood under the oak tree. there i can be myself in my own space. I went through my bag and found some unfinished homework. I sat there puzzling over advanced algebra when i heard a rustling.' It was late autumn and leaves were all over the ground so it could have been a fox' I told myself. I studied the numbers and letters in sync. Scribbling notes as I went.

"The answers fifty six point seven two three" I heard a voice above me say

"Thanks but i knew that" I said with sass in my voice.

"ha" he chuckled "i suppose you did" 

I looked up too see who was above me and i saw Charlie.




I got up and looked up at him. He must have been about six foot tall. I was 5ft 6. He stood there looking down at me while I stood there algebra in one hand a banana in the other.

"well it was nice seeing you Lucy" and off he went. He looked back over his shoulder at me and winked. 'I won't fall for him I won't fall for him' I told myself, 'he's with Harry don't fall for him don't!', 'he'll use you and dump you he will he will!' my mind was telling me truths. Problem was I had already fallen for Charlie Stone..



And I had fallen hard.


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